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The complete history of the Fox Union

February 1996:
Began creating cartoon characters. The first cartoon characters looked a hell of a lot different than they do now.

Refined drawing ability over the years. The drawings now are far better than they were in 1996.

Early 2000:
Created first web site. (April 2000-March/April 2001)

Early 2001:
Created first Fox Union web site (The site was never published because I found Tripod.)

April/May 2001: Created The Fox Union V 2.0 (April/May 2001-present).

Created subsidiary sites for the Fox Union

April/May 2002: Created this site to replace V 2.0
April 20, 2003: Created the Fox Union Fantasies group
February 2006 (Coming Soon): 10th anniversary of when I started drawing my characters.

Chad E. Kobylenski (moi...Real Form)
Age: 26
Species: Human (DUH!)
D.O.B.: January 10, 1980
Born In: Fridley, MN
Lives In: Hilltop, MN
Height: None of yo' business
Weight DEFINITELY none of yo' business!!!
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Marital Status: Single
Children: None (thank goodness!...don't ask why!)

My Furry Code
FCF3a A+ !C D-- !H M# P++ R- T+++ W Z# Sm++ RLA/BM/LW a cn++ d# e+ f# h# iwf+ j+ p** sm#

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All drawings on this site (except for the Censor Panda buttons and logos) are (c) to C-PRIME and are not to be re-distributed without permission from me...OR ELSE!
All Censor Panda buttons and logos are (c) to Miss Mab and are used with permission.