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If you are wonderin' how I create the characters, then you've come to the right place!

1. Naming and Species determination.
As far as naming is concerned, In the case of females, I usually select "cute" sounding names (mainly those ending in "y", "i" or "ie").  In the case of males, I don't really have any special method of naming.  Sometimes I just take my pointer finger, move it around the keyboard with my eyes closed and whatever letter it lands on is what that characters first name will start with.
Last names are a bit more challenging.  On one hand, I usually prefer to use english-sounding names, but on the other hand, I also like to use last names from different origins.  Occasionally, I will get an idea for a last name based on someone I see on TV.  For example, when I was creating Pammie, I wanted a last name that sounded asian in origin (because she's a panda), So after going through my mind for days, I (probably) stumbled on the choice of last name when I was watching a baseball game where Seattle was playing.  Anyway, long story short, I got the idea from their closing pitcher (K. Sasaki...I dunno how to say or even spell his first name).  Once in a great while, I will create a character and give it a name that (un-intentionally) is the EXACT same as a famous person.  These instances are rare and purely co-incidental.
One last note about names.  Sometimes, I create a name based on the characters personality or appearance.  For example, in the case of both Todd's (Jones and Mason), the name Todd = Fox...I don't remember what language that is from.  Also, in the case of Melissa Johannsen, when I created her originally I used her honey-colored fur* as a basis for her name (Melissa = Honey Bee).
As far as determining species is concerned, probably about 9 out of every 10 characters I create is either a fox or a mouse.  Occasionally, when I feel the need to expand the diversity of my cast, I will create a character of some other species.  NOTE: Aside from all the species shown here, there are numerous other species that I am capable of drawing.  However, for a variety of reasons, I only do the species that I can draw well.
2. Physical Characteristics
After the name and species have been determined, I will then work on creating the character's physical appearance.  The following are the most common characteristics of most of my characters upon initial introduction.
> Age: High-School to College Graduate (16 to 25 approx.)
> Height: Males: 5 1/2'** to 6 1/2'; Females: 5'** to 6'
> Weight: Males: No real range; Females: It's not polite to ask a lady how much she weighs ^.^
> D.O.B.: March through May
> Martial Status: Variable
> Children: Also variable
3. Creation of Biography
This is the phase that takes the longest and is the most difficult.  After all the preliminary info is in, It's time to create the biography of that character.  Normally when I create a bio, I try to attach hidden messages as much as possible to the bio.  I do this in order to try to help people such as yourselves learn to appreciate your lives more and also to help make this world we live in a little bit better.
4. Final Product
If all goes well, then the new character will be used for future drawings and stories that are added to any of the Fox Union websites.
OK, so you've explained to me how a character is created.  So, how come I've never heard of a certain character before until recently?
First of all, on the cast of characters page, it lists when these characters were FIRST thought up.  Secondly, a few of these characters were on the Fox Union V 2.0 and have just been moved here.  And finally, I get my creative license from the Matt Groening Licensing Bureau***!  In other words, if you watch the Simpsons at all, you'll know what I mean.

*: OK, so her fur isn't exactly honey-colored, you get the drift don't ya?
**: Primarily reserved for mice
***: "Seeing that we're unfamiliar with sarcasm, I shall close the register at this point..."---Comic Book Guy (The Simpsons) other words I'm being sarcastic