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If you get all 10 questions right, you get 50 points.

September 7, 2003
Topic: Foxes (real and fictional)

1 (1 point): What is a male fox called?
2 (1 point): Which of the following locations could you find foxes?
3 (2 points): How long is the gestation period for most foxes (Margin of error +/- 3 days)
4 (2 points): What species of fox is found on nearly every continent?
5 (3 points): What is Tails' real first name?
6 (3 points): Which of the following is NOT a part of a fox's diet?
7 (4 points): True or False, Male foxes mate with more than one vixen during mating season
8 (4 points): Is it possible for a fox to successfully mate with another canine (I.E.: Wolf, Domestic Dog, etc.)
9 (5 points): Who was the author of the novel "The Fox and the Hound"?
10 (5 points) BOTH ANSWERS MUST BE CORRECT TO SCORE!: Name the two actors that provided the voices for Tod and Vixey (dumb name, ain't it) in the Disney version of "The Fox and the Hound"
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