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Welcome to the FUF Members feature page.

Current Activities

Activity Max. Points/Description Deadline
(if applicable)
Vixen Hunt 500 points
Select 5 boxes to try to spell the word "VIXEN", if you do you receive 500 points. Limit 1 entry/day.
Alphabet girl series names 10 points per used name
Send your suggestions for names in the Alphabet girl series, each name sent is worth 2 pts. Each name accepted for the name poll is worth 5 points.
See the FUF site for individual letter deadines.
Pop Quiz 50 points/quiz
Answer questions based on a specific topic, topics change every 2 months. Limit 1 entry/quiz
FUF Poll Participation 5 points per eligible poll
This option doesn't start until November 1st.
See FUF site for individual poll deadlines

Available Services

Service Description Points Required (if applicable)
Yiffy Drawing Request Request a yiffy drawing here. 100 points
Yiffy Story Request Request a yiffy story here. 250 points
Create-A-Character Create a character based on whatever you want (within reason) 500 points
Account Status Page Check your account to see how many points you have