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Title boxes in GOLD are the most recent additions to the gallery.

Drawing Title Date Created Rating
Happy Family (part 1 of 3)

A vixen with two of her pups
7/7/2003 G

A young collie fem; the winner of the new addition poll.
6/6/2003 G
Graduation 3003

I made this picture after graduating from college last week.
5/29/2003 G
Angry Boss

This drawing was created as a part of a project for a class.
4/26/2003 PG-13 (AC, L)
Trixie McGee 4/17/2003 PG (AC)
Ramon and Cherise 3/13/2003 G
Teenage Fox and Mouse 2/25/2003 G
Happy Couple 2/12/2003 PG (S)
Jennie 2/5/2003 G
Michelle in IFL uniform 1/28/2003 G
Mike and Mindy 1/1/2003 G

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Key to the rating system
V: Violence
AC: Adult Content
PN: Partial Nudity
N: Nudity
S: Sexual Situations
SX: Sexual Acts