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Looking for something to do?  Check out the latest contests here.

Do you want a character to be made based on you or your wildest dreams?  If so then you can take a chance at the Fill in the Blanks contest.
In order to win, you must have three games with 30 points or greater (or two perfect games).  This contest will continue until three people reach the magic number(s).  Once you have met the criteria and have received my OK, I will send you special instructions via E-mail on how to create your character.
The winners will also have their names inscribed on the Visitors Hall of Fame (when it finally opens).  Once the character is created, I will notify the winners of any future ideas involving that character before I conduct it to seek their approval.
FINAL NOTE: Although the characters created will technically belong to the winners, The drawings will belong to me.  Contest winners can download the images of their characters from my gallery though.

NEW CONTEST: 7/20/2003

How many of you wish that you could have a cartoon character based on whatever you wanted*?  If you are one of these people, this is your chance to win it the easy way, without having to wreck your brain trying to come up with the answers to odd questions.

The name of the game is called Vixen Hunt.  Here's how it works, the game board has 100 individually numbered squares.  Your task is to fill out the form indicating which squares you want to choose and sent it to me.  Each square contains a letter in the word VIXEN, once you have found all 5 letters, I will let you know and we can begin creating YOUR character!  The only stipulation is that you can only fill out one form per day.  If you do not match all 5 letters in the first try, I will send you an e-mail on which letters you do have as well as posting the results on the web site ASAP.

This contest will continue until I have three winners.  All of the drawing rules are the same as they are for the other contests.