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The C-Files
Episode 2-8
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ACT 8: Glory Days
(2994-Present...Mike and Michelle's Pro Sports Careers)

NOTE: Since much of what is going to be covered here has already been discussed in Episode 3 and/or 6, some of what you will read here will be an abbreviated version with references to other Episodes when necessary.

After graduating from college, Mike immediately signed a three-year contract with the Mason City Foxes (at that time known as the Yellowjackets).  Mike's primary position was at wide receiver, but he can also play at any position he wants, which made him even more dangerous to opposing teams.  In addition, Mike would have the advantage of having the legendary Dean Mariner (the IFL equivalent of Dan Marino) as the starting quarterback.  In his rookie season with the Yellowjackets, Mike did things that not even Randy Moss or Jerry Rice would be able to do (put up 2,200 receiving yards and catch 25 TD's).  The sports analysts knew that Mike would be good, but they didn't know that he would be THAT good.  During his three years with the Yellowjackets, Mike helped his team win three straight IFL Championships before he would be forced to leave the team for personal reasons*

After moving to Victoria in 2996 and starting the Victoria Stars (then Lions), Mike continued to play for five more seasons both on offense and defense, re-writing many of the records in the IFL record book.  Meanwhile, shortly after the IFL started in Victoria, the WIFL was created and Michelle and Jennie joined Victoria's WIFL team.  Like their brother, Michelle and Jennie played very well with their team and helped the Victoria Vixens win a championship in 2998.  Although Michelle and Jennie liked playing in the WIFL, both had higher expectations.  They figured that they had a possibility of becoming the first females to make an IFL team, especially Michelle.

Towards the end of his first IFL run, Mike brought Michelle in to try out for the team.

*: See Episodes 3-6 and/or 6-1a