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The C-Files
Episode 3-9
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ACT 9: Keeping her Promise
(Part 2)

While Melissa was shopping at "Fashion for Furries*", Mike and Michelle Mason had come to the Twin Cities on a business trip.  The local IBN affiliate was in the finishing stages of getting their new "Tempest 3 Radar".  The new radar system included a series of "blast sirens" placed in strategic places throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area (including the Mall of America) to warn of imminent danger.**  Because of their ear-splitting 200 dB sound, special precautions had to be taken to ensure people would get the warning without going deaf in the process.  That's where their cousin came in.  When "TBS's" (Tempest Blast Sirens) were installed in various cities throughout Vulpes, the Vulpine Army was contracted to fortify a 50-foot perimeter around each blast siren to ensure no one would go deaf from it.  Since Gen. Sherman was in charge of running the Vulpine Army base in Minneapolis, his unit was commissioned to do the work.  Mike and Michelle were meeting their cousin in the East Food Court of the mall to discuss where the mall's blast siren was going to be put as well as to see how the new base was coming along.  It so happens that they had picked the part of the food court that was across the hallway from "Fashion for Furries".  When Melissa came out of the store, she didn't notice the Mason twins and her mate-to-be sitting about 50 feet away from her and was about to head down towards a jewelry store where she saw a diamond necklace that she would go well with her new outfits.  It wasn't long before Mike recognized Melissa and was wondering why she was in the Twin Cities.  When he heard Mike mentioned that he saw Melissa, Gen. Sherman remembered back to what she had told him earlier that year.  As she had promised, Melissa had come to the Twin Cities looking for him and he wanted to catch her before she left the mall.
Fortunately for him, he could recognize her scent from before and could follow her easily.  Mike and Michelle followed their cousin (mainly because they weren't finished talking to him yet).  Eventually, Gen. Sherman found Melissa as she was leaving the jewelry store with a brand new $900 necklace around her neck.  Gen. Sherman called out to Melissa, about half a dozen ladies (also named Melissa) looked back at him, while Melissa herself nearly lept up and over the railing from the third floor.  Fortunately for her, years of hanging from her tail for performance purposes came in handy and she managed to wrap her tail around the pole just in time.  Once she was safely back on the ground, Melissa told Gen. Sherman not to scare her like that again, then ran up to hug him.  When he asked Melissa what she was doing in the Twin Cities, she told him that she was keeping her promise and would be willing to be his mate.
Over the next few weeks, the couple-to-be lived together in Gen. Sherman's house near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.  During this time, they prepared for the wedding by booking a gazebo at nearby Lake Calhoun.  Melissa eventually returned to Mason City to have her fallopian tubes untied (there were no physicians in Minnesota or any neighboring state who were certified to perform that operation).  Gen. Sherman and Melissa decided that they would start a family right away as soon as they were married.  Within a month of arriving in Minneapolis, Melissa had not only found and married Gen. Sherman, but she would soon learn that she was pregnant with her first litter.  As the birth of their first litter drew closer, Gen. Sherman and Melissa moved into a new and larger house that was on the new Vulpine army base, which would provide the couple with plenty of living space and room for having a very large family.  Towards the end of Summer 2003, Melissa gave birth to 6 children (3 foxes, 3 mice), as of the production of this act, Gen. Sherman and Melissa were planning on having a second litter this summer.
End of Act 9

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*: Just in case any of you are thinking otherwise (you shouldn't be)...This is NOT an actual store in the Mall of America (at least not the last time I checked).
**: A series of super-loud civil defense sirens placed in strategic places that are most vulnerable to tornadic (or straight-line winds).  I.E.: Downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mall of America, Trailer Parks, the State Fairgrounds, etc. (again, this system doesn't actually exist).
Oh and F.Y.I.: In case you are wondering why I used "Gen. Sherman" in acts 8 and 9 is because he has the same first name as his cousin (Mike).