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ACT 9: "Six Months Later"

Our First Litter
Born: October 2, 3004
Full Name (in order of birth) Weight @ Birth
Tammy Lee Kobylenski* 8 lbs 5 oz
Michael Alexander Kobylenski** 10 lbs 2 oz
Michelle Alicia Kobylenski** 6 lbs 14 oz
Amanda Lynn Kobylenski 7 lbs 1 oz
Todd David Kobylenski 9 lbs

It has now been six months since Tammy and I were married and our lives have certainly changed.  We are now the proud parents of five adorable fox pups with a second litter expected in March around Tammy's birthday.  Tammy and I are very proud of our young pups and our lives are going quite well.  Every night that that I'm in bed with my loving mate, I stay awake sometimes, thinking about what might have been last spring if I hadn't been working for the Twins and the Metro Transit drivers weren't on strike.  When I realize that I wouldn't have what I do now if either of those circumstances were missing, I hug Tammy and/or our pups tighter, grateful for having a loving family.  I also sometimes think about all the other females I had a chance to mate with and wonder what has become of them.
After Tammy and I were married, we took over the house and the surrounding land.  However, Tammy had planned ahead for this eventuality and she told the other females they could use her old house to invite eligible bachelors over to see who he would want to spend his life with.  In addition, Tammy's sister Amanda joined the other females in search of a mate, even though Amanda has four pups of her own.
The following is a list of what has happened to all the other females since Tammy and I got married.
Katie Lee Taylor:  A week or so after our wedding, the females brought in another male who wanted a mate.  Unfortunately for her, he didn't care too much for vixens and never made it to the elite 8.  A couple months later, another male came to the house and did take an intrest in her and Laura, that male would eventually yiff with both sisters and it would appear that she might have a chance at finding a mate.  However, when it came down to the choosing the final two, the male didn't want to break up the two sisters and eventually chose another female as his mate.  As of this date, Katie Lee is still single.
Laura Taylor: Same as Katie Lee.
Regina Lawson: Just before the first male was brought to the group, on a trip to a mall.  Regina ran into a male coyote who was single and was in search for a mate.  At first, Regina thought about bringing him to the rest of the group.  However, she had not been yiffed in some time and she wanted to be yiffed.  Regina allowed this male coyote to yiff her and they soon became attached to each other.  As of right now, Regina and the male coyote are engaged to be married.
Gloria Tanner: The second male that I mentioned in Katie Lee's section (a mouse), chose Gloria to be his mate when he was brought to the group.  The male mouse was looking to start a family and knew that Gloria already had a son.  Even though, he and Gloria plan to have kids of their own, her son seemed to like him and the mouse didn't mind having a step-son.
Kenya Blackwell: Just after I had married Tammy, Kenya finally found her parents and headed home to meet her biological parents.  When she returned home, she met a male Fennec Fox and immediately fell in love with him.  As of this time, she is still dating the Fennec Fox and doesn't currently plan on returning to the group.
Lisa Marie Barrington: The first male that I mentioned (a human), the same one who didn't care for vixens, did like domestic canine females.  In fact, from the moment he saw Lisa Marie, he wanted her to be his mate.  He did choose Lisa Marie to be his mate.  Just recently, Lisa Marie had 6 collie pups of her own with her new mate and is happy to be a new mother.
Christina DeAngelo: About a month after I married Tammy, Christina (a meteorologist for the IBN affiliate in Victoria) was "traded" to the IBN affiliate in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  At this time, she is still single and is not having as much luck as some of her friends have been (possibly because she's a LAKER fan).
Maggie Juniper: The same male mouse who married Gloria also chose Maggie as the other female for the finals.  Maggie seemed to like him, but he just felt that Gloria was a better fit for him.
Beverly Mackey: Neither of the two males that came to the group chose Beverly to go to the Elite 8.  She still remembers what it was like when I yiffed her and ocassionally imagined that I chose her to be my mate instead of Tammy.  Otherwise, Beverly is still single.
Tina Bartlett: The same male who married Lisa Marie did choose Tina as one of the final four females that he wanted to yiff.  Tina did her best to try to impress him and he did enjoy yiffing her.  However, he liked the feel of canine females better and he thought that they were cuter than Tina.  The mouse male also chose Tina as one of the final 4 females, becoming her first male mouse mate.  She enjoyed being yiffed by him and could feel his spooge inside her for hours afterwards, but he liked Maggie and Gloria more.
Melinda Simonson: The first male that came to the group chose Melinda as the other finalist.  It was a tough decision for him to choose between Melinda and Lisa Marie, they were both very cute and both very yiffy.  However, Lisa Marie appeared to be sweeter and more cuddly and he chose her over Melinda.

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*: Named after her mother.  However, we chose to give her "Lee" for a middle name instead of "Lynn" like Tammy has.
**: Take a wild guess who these two were named after!!!