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***Michelle's sports resume***

Time Period Sports/Positions
High School
Varsity Women's Basketball @ Fox Valley High (2989-2992)/ALL
College (2993-2994) Women's Basketball @ Oakwood College/ALL
Professional (2998-Present) Played for the WIFL in Victoria from 2998 to 3000 (WR)
Currently Plays for the IFL in Victoria @ WR (3000-present)

Like her twin brother, Michelle has also been into sports most of her life.  Most of the time, she would play with Mike and their friends.  During her childhood, Michelle had gone through ups and downs.  On the plus side, Mike and his friends allowed her to play football with them every so often.  They didn't care whether she was female, as long as she could play competitively.  However, when Michelle tried to sign up for a football team at their local park, the sexist coach* laughed at her and told her that she couldn't play because she was a "girl".  If he would have known about how Michelle is doing now, he probably would be sticking his foot in his mouth about what he told Michelle.  Mike always stood by his twin sister, he was also planning on joining the team.  But, when he heard what the coach told his sister, Mike immediately tore up the application and took Michelle home.  When they got home, Mike told Michelle not to listen to what the coach said and that she should listen to her feelings instead of opinions from other people.
High School (2989-2992)
During her high school years, Michelle tried out for several sports teams.  Again, she would have liked to play football like her brother, but like before, the coach wouldn't allow her to play.  However, unlike that other coach, the reason why he didn't choose her to be on the team is because of safety issues (both on the field and off**).  Whenever Mike and his friends played football prior to the high school years, they always played 2-hand touch (whether or not Michelle was playing with them).  After discussing the issue with Michelle and her parents (after she believed that she was being discriminated again).  The prinicpal explained to Michelle that she was not the first female who wanted to play football at FVH.  A human female from a town in Oklahoma was allowed to play for the varsity football team as a Wide Receiver.  In her short tenure on the team, she did a good job on the team.  Unfortunately, certain male players who were "embarrassed" by "getting beat by a girl" took offense and took out their sexism-driven anger towards her.  This would eventually lead to a horrible incident during the last home game of the season when a football player from Rockville hit her before the ball was even snapped.  As a result, the promising young female football player spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair and the student responsible for her injuries received life in prison for the unprovoked assault.  Mike vouched for Michelle and tried to convince the principal and their parents that Michelle was different.  However, Todd and Melissa didn't want to see their daughter get seriously injured by some narrow-minded person.  Reluctantly, Michelle decided to take her parents advice and started to pursue other sports.
Later on in Michelle's first year at FVH, she tried out for the Women's Basketball Team.  Unlike her brother, who had problems controlling his strength when he dunked the basketball.  Michelle didn't have these problems.  As a result, she made the varsity team.  During her first season with the team, the FVH women's basketball team had it's best season in nearly 50 years going 14-5 and making the Island High School Basketball Tournament.  During the rest of her time at FVH, Michelle led the team to a combined record of 44-5 and 2 Championships.
College (2993-2994)
Like her brother, Michelle was extremely intelligent and received the Golden Oak award and a $1,000,000 scholarship*.  However, while she was at Oakwood college, Michelle decided that she just wasn't going to concentrate on getting her degree, she also wanted to play on the basketball team.  Prior to Michelle joining the team, the Oakwood Women's Basketball Team had won just 7 games in the previous 11 years (which included 5 winless seasons).  Michelle easily made the team and provided for the ailing program right away.  In her first game at Oakwood, Michelle scored 54 points and pulled in 30 rebounds ALONE, this led to a 87-54 victory over Angel County Community College (another lackluster team that had beaten Oakwood College eight straight times before that).  But the miracle season didn't stop there, the Oakwood women's basketball team won their first eight games of the season including an unbelivable 91-89 upset over the #2 ranked U of MAI Mason City (who had beaten Oakwood 152-17 the previous year).  As the season progressed, Oakwood continued to have success largely thanks to Michelle.  In the last home game of the season against Dolphin Technical College, Michelle ended up setting the record for most points scored in a single college basketball game (men's or women's) with 111 points.  The previous record was set by a man from Chicago (Illinois that, it is NOT "MJ") with 86 points.  As a result, the Oakwood women's basketball team went 23-5 in the regular season (the best regular season in the college's 150 year history BY FAR), and resulting in the first trip to the WICB tournament EVER for the college.  The team won the first two games of the tournament before being eliminated by the #5 ranked U of MAI Mason City in a "re-match", though they only won when a desperation three point shot from the opposite end of the court went in the basket with no time left.  Michelle's play during the basketball season brought much optimism to the women's basketball program after decades of failure.  Unfortunately for them, the glory would be very short lived as Michelle earned her degree in one year like her brother and graduated.  After Michelle graduated, The Oakwood women's basketball program returned to its former self going 4-105 in the next 5 seasons.  However, in the last few years, the women's basketball program at Oakwood has improved significantly, making it back to the WICB tournament with a 20-8 record in 3004.
Pro Career (2998-Now)
Michelle spent 4 years out of sports before the inception of the WIFL brought a renewed interest to her.  She heard that the Victoria Vixens (the first WIFL team created) needed players for the team.  Michelle (and her younger sister Jennie) tried out for the team and made it with little difficulty.  Michelle finally had a chance to prove that she could play football, and play she did.  Because she was an alpha golden vixen, Michelle was much faster than most of the defenders she faced (she is even faster than Mike is, mainly because Mike is 3.5x heavier than Michelle and is much stronger).  During her 3 year career in the WIFL, Michelle had over 5,000 receiving yards and 50 TD catches.  As a result, the Victoria Vixens went 38-10 while Michelle was on the team and won a WIFL championship in 3000.  However, Michelle wasn't entirely happy with that, she wanted an opportunity to play meaningful football with her brother in the IFL.  Even though the IFL didn't have any objections to letting a female play in the league, they were concerned about safety (mainly because compared to her, many of the IFL players were 2 to 3x her body weight and loved to "hit" people).  Michelle told the IFL regulations committee that she may not be nearly as big as the male players, but she's just as strong (if not stronger) than most of them, except her brother and their cousin.  As he did before, Mike vouched for his sister and tried to convince them to give her a chance.  This time, the IFL decided to let Michelle try out to see if she could physically compete in the league.  During the pre-season, Mike helped Michelle train for the upcoming season.  He knew that Michelle was faster and more agile than he was, although not as powerful and he believed that Michelle would make the team.  Then, when training camp started in May, it was time for Michelle to prove herself to the team.
From the very first practice, the coaches for Victoria were impressed the way Mike and Michelle worked together as a team.  They discovered that she could leap almost as high as Mike could (35 feet) and run at a top speed of 80 MPH (Mike could only run about 60 MPH).  Although they were impressed by her abilities, the coaches still wanted to see more from Michelle before deciding whether or not to let her join the team.  During one of the full practices, the coaches asked Mike to sit out so that Michelle could test her abilities without his help (they knew Mike and Michelle were bonded to each other).  Michelle continued to amaze the coaches by performing just as well as when Mike had been throwing to her, and running into the end-zone with a defensive player hanging on her tail (which would constitute a "holding" penalty if it were an actual game).  It was at that point the coaches knew that Michelle could compete in the IFL and let her join the team, becoming the first female IFL player.
In her first IFL game, Victoria was playing against Northside (now Tacoma).  The coach of the Polars was the same asshole who ridiculed her as a pup.  When he saw her on the sideline, he (as well as most of the human players on the team) started laughing and saying how they were going to humiliate not only Michelle but the Stars.  Unfortunately for them, foxes have VERY GOOD hearing, and when Mike and Michelle heard them laughing they became very angry.  Mike came up with a plan to let Michelle humiliate them by asking the coach to bench the starting QB and let him throw the football to Michelle.  Normally, this could be considered insubordination, but not when the CO-OWNER of the team is talking to you.  The coach knew that Mike was equally comfortable throwing the ball as he was catching it, but he would've preferred to have him in at WR to draw the attention away from Michelle.  However, there was nothing he could do to stop them and he allowed the change.
From the very first play of the game, Mike and Michelle worked together to prove once and for all that Michelle could play football with ANYONE.  When Michelle caught the first pass of the game leaping 30 feet into the air and landing with pinpoint accuracy in the end zone, the coach for the Polars pulled a "Tex Avery**" at what he just saw.  Still, he continued to think that touchdown catch was a fluke and that she couldn't make two touchdown catches like that in one game.  Well, for once, he was right...Michelle didn't catch two touchdown passes from her brother..she caught EIGHT (out of the 13 TD passes Mike threw that day).  When Michelle caught her last TD of the game making the score 105-0 in the 4th Quarter, the coach for Northside had a heart attack and had to leave the game.  After the delay in the game, Mike and Michelle decided that they had proven their point and decided to take themselves out of the rest of the game.  After the game was over, Michelle had earned the respect of nearly everyone in the IFL (except for the same coach who bad-mouthed Michelle as a pup, saying that she couldn't play like that if she didn't have her brother helping them).  Mike and Michelle took that as a challenge and were determined to convince that jackass that she could really play with or without Mike's help.  During the next game, Mike decided to play defense only (unless the team really needed offense for some reason).  The normal starting quarterback would be throwing to Michelle.  In his hospital bed, the sexist coach watched the game to see how Michelle would do without Mike "helping" her.  By the end of the first half, Michelle had already caught 5 more TD passes and Victoria was leading 38-0.  Each time Michelle caught a TD pass, the coach yelled at the TV saying that it was "Offensive Pass Interference" or something like that when it was clearly not (most of the time, the nearest defender was 15-20 YARDS away from Michelle).  She caught 5 more TD passes in the second half to give her 10 total for the game.  Seeing that Michelle not only played successfully with no help from Mike, and also had better numbers than her first game sent the coach into a violent rage that caused him to have a second (and more damaging) heart attack, which would eventually lead to his death shortly after having another fit (this time with the IFL regulations committee...about Michelle).  When Michelle learned that the coach had suffered a fatal heart attack that was indirectly related to her playing in the IFL, Michelle felt bad...she just wanted to prove that she could play with anyone, not cause anyone to die because of her.  As a result, Michelle thought about resigning from the IFL and returning to the WIFL, that is until she learned the her brother was retiring and he wanted her to take his place.  Mike told Michelle that even though she felt responsible for the death of the coach that the only one who killed him was the coach himself.  Everyone else in the IFL and the media at least respected Michelle's playing ability and didn't care about gender issues.  In the off-season, Michelle received 50,000+ letters from young children (both male and female) asking her to keep playing in the IFL.  After seeing how much support she had from her family and numerous young IFL fans, Michelle decided to stay in the IFL.
As of today, Michelle still plays in the IFL and is not planning on retiring anytime soon, despite having a family and part of a business to care for.  Fortunately for her, Michelle has Mike and Jennie to help her manage IBN and Todd (Michelle's mate) doesn't mind watching the pups while she plays football (in fact, during football season, Todd watches football games with their young pups).

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*: Human (Vulpine males are NOT sexist, this is another reason why violence on Vulpes is generally low).
*: The Golden Oak award is given to one male and one female each year.  Mike and Michelle are the only brother/sister pair to receive the award in the same year.
**: In case you haven't read the Cartoon Hall of Fame section on the main site, "Tex" Avery produced a number of cartoons (mainly during the 40's and 50's).  In almost every one of his "MGM" cartoons, there is at least one insanely wild take where for instance the character pulling the take would "go to pieces" or "bug out of their skull" or something like that.  THAT's what I'm talking about here.