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The C-Files
Episode 3-3
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ACT 3: Protecting the Survivors

Upon arriving at an army base in Mason City, Melissa was taken to a room that is normally used for interrogation.  But since she was a mousette and was not involved in the invasion, the army wanted to find out from her what (if anything) she saw.  Normally, these interviews would be conducted by the commanding officer at that particular base.  However, since this was not an interrogation of a captured enemy, the same officer how brought her into the base did the interview.  Melissa was still emotionally distressed after losing the majority of her family and badly needed some comforting.  After an unsuccessful attempt at trying to interview her.  The officer had no choice but to get his commanding officer.  A few minutes later, the first officer returned to the interview room with his commanding officer.  After explaining the situation, the commanding officer asked the other officer to leave the room.  Once he was gone, the commanding officer walked over to where Melissa was sitting.  She was beginning to think that maybe they were mistaking her for "The Troublemaker" (even though she could prove that she wasn't).  But to her relief, the officer pulled his chair up next to hers and held Melissa in his arms until she was ready to talk.  It turns out that the other officer just wanted to get someone with more experience than him at interviewing people to interview Melissa.  With someone to comfort her, Melissa clinged to the commanding officer and hugged him tight until she felt like she was ready to talk to him.
About 10 minutes later, Melissa felt that she had her emotions under control enough to answer the officer's questions.  At first it started out casually, he told Melissa that they weren't going to hurt her, they merely wanted to find out what (if anything) she saw and then to give her protection from another incident.  He also introduced himself to her as Col. Michael Sherman, he had joined the army when he was 16 after rats had killed his high-school girlfriend and her family.  Even though Col. Sherman was only 20 at the time, he was a very loyal and devoted officer and had just become commanding officer of this particular base a few weeks earlier.  He had fought on Rat Island and led the unit that freed over 100 prisoners and wiped out 1/4 of the rat army in just a week, all without a single soldier or prisoner killed.  He had dealt with a situation similar to what Melissa was dealing with and she felt better now that she wasn't alone.
After a few minutes of casual chit-chat, both Melissa and Col. Sherman felt comfortable enough to conduct the interview, he decided to continue to sit beside her just in case he needed to comfort her some more.  Col. Sherman asked Melissa where she was coming from at the time the other officer brought her in.  Melissa explained to him that during the time that the invasion occured, she was taking her little sister Abigail to a friend's house in Willowbrook.  That's when she realized that Abigail was safe and sound at her friend's house.  She felt a little better now that she knew at least one of her siblings was alright.  Col. Sherman immediately asked Melissa where she dropped her sister off at.  Melissa asked him why he wanted to know that.  He explained to her that the rats can sometimes find other family members based on a gene in each of her siblings and Melissa herself that is passed along through the mother's X chromosome*.  He added if they have recovered DNA from any one of their deceased brothers and sisters, both Melissa and Abigail could be in danger.  Melissa co-operated with Col. Sherman and told him where Abigail was staying.  A couple of hours later, Melissa and a couple of soldiers from the base headed to Willowbrook to pick up Abigail.  After picking her up, Melissa told her little sister about what had happened to the rest of their family.  Abigail immediately teared up and cried while Melissa tried to comfort her only remaining sister.  Once they had returned to the base, Col. Sherman had reserved a room for the two sisters to stay for the night, and scheduled an appointment for protection and relocation the next morning.
Around 9 AM the next morning, Col. Sherman came into the room to tell the two sisters that he was taking them to see his cousin in Downtown.  After a shower and a quick stop at a local clothing store (to buy dress codes), Col. Sherman and two heavily armed soldiers escorted Melissa and Abigail to the new Union building (now the IBN Center/Mason City building).  Melissa explained to the Colonel that his cousin must be very lucky to work for The Union.  She also asked him if his cousin was male or female.  He told her that he was another male fox like himself.  After hearing that, Melissa asked him if he knew her "sweetheart" Mike Mason.  At that moment, Col. Sherman thought to himself..."Should I tell her now, or should I let her find out for herself?".  He simply replied yes and figured to let Melissa see for herself.  Meanwhile, Melissa was thinking, "Great, maybe I can give him this football card that I've kept with me everywhere I go for "Mikey**" to sign...and maybe get his phone number." ^.^  Then Col. Sherman remembered that their were some security measures that needed to be taken.  There were coded locks to doors that he couldn't let Melissa or Abigail know about, so before they went inside, both Melissa and Abigail had to put on blindfolds until they were inside.  Shortly afterwards, Col. Sherman and the two guards helped the two sisters up to the top of the building where the Colonel's cousin worked.  A few minutes later, when Col. Sherman told the two sisters they could take their blindfolds off.  Melissa was surprised to see that his cousin WAS Mike Mason.  One side of her wanted to run up to him and cover Mike with kisses, but the other side told her to keep her distance.
Fortunately for Melissa, Mike knew her father well, after all he had asked Mike to sign lots of stuff for his family (especially Melissa and her two brothers).  He also knew that Melissa was absolutely "ga-ga" for him (again from her father). That's why when he heard about what had happened to her family Mike decided not only to help them out directly, but also to give Melissa the opportunity that she had been waiting for.  Mike asked his cousin and the other two guards to leave him and the two sisters alone to talk privately.  The first thing he told Melissa that he heard all about her from her father and she knew that she had a major-league crush on him.  Since, at that time anyway, he was single, and always a gentlefox; Mike allowed Melissa to come to him and show him how much she loved him.  Melissa ran over towards him and gave him lots of kisses while he snuggled her (very gently...after all we're talkin' about a fox that is nearly 2' taller than Melissa and roughly 3x her body weight).  During the time, Melissa gave Mike the card she had saved and asked if he would sign it.  Then Melissa even whispered in his ear that she was willing to be his mate if he were to give Melissa what she only dreamed about before, a family of her own, with Mike being the father*.  Although Mike was single and genetically programmed to create as many Golden Fox pups (especially ALPHA ones) as possible, he had to turn her down.  Mainly because he was an ALPHA Golden Fox, and was required to yiff with vixens exclusively.  However, he did agree to sign her card, and whispered in her ear that if he were any other fox, he'd love to have Melissa for a mate and licked her cheek to prove it.  After all the festivities and the release of months of pent-up emotions, it was time to get down to business.
Since Mike was earning more than enough money being the owner of the largest corporation on Vulpes, let alone a very successful football career.  He donated all of his football earnings to charity.  Half of it would go to children's charities, while the other went to helping families that needed help and/or protection (like Melissa and Abigail).  He immediately gave Melissa the keys to a home that he owned on the west side of Mason City for her and Abigail to stay, he also gave Melissa a check for $1,000,000 to help pay for initial expenses and an additional $50,000/month until Melissa was 21.  He would also pay for a makeover for both sisters to make them look like white mousettes (the only kind that rats can't mimic) until it was safe.  After the meeting, Mike called his twin sister Michelle into his office to help the two sisters get set up.
About 6 hours later, when Michelle dropped Melissa and Abigail at their new home, they looked a lot different.  Both of them had snow white fur coats and a completely new wardrobe.  Even though Melissa would be receiving more than enough money to support herself and her sister, she decided that she would continue her education and get her diploma.  But since she would have to juggle both school and supporting Abigail, it would be very difficult for her.  However, Michelle had experience in babysitting before and Abigail seemed to think of her as another big sister, so she volunteered to pick up and watch Abigail after she got out of school (since Abigail's school day ended about 90 minutes before Melissa's).  Michelle assured Melissa that she would treat Abigail like she does when her parent's ask her to watch her baby brother Miles.  Michelle also told her that she was also an Alpha Golden Vixen and would be able to viciously defend herself and Abigail if necessary.  Melissa agreed to have Michelle watch her sister until she got home from school.
For the next 10 months, Melissa continued to go to high school while raising her little sister.  Always fearful that at anytime "The Troublemaker" could come back and kill the remainder of the family, even though they had protection from two very generous and friendly Alpha Golden Foxes.  She became so fearful that she asked Mike to help her train to defend herself and Abigail.  However, by the time Melissa had completed her defense training, she wouldn't need it.
End of Act 3

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*: Sons and Daughters of some species inherit some of the characteristics that make up their scent from their mother.
**: This would be a very efficient way to make Mike VERY ANGRY, he doesn't like being called "Mikey".
*: On Vulpes all native citizens (including humans) are considered adults when they have finished puberty or 16 years of age (whichever occurs latest).  However, they still can't do certain adult things (I.E.: Go to/work at a strip club) until they are 18.  As long as both partners are at least 16, they can yiff and raise a family (provided they both consent to it).