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The C-Files
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ACT 3: "A new beginning"

About an hour after leaving, Tammy and I arrived at the large house that she and her friends were using as a meeting place.  At that time, none of the other females had arrived yet, that gave Tammy an opportunity to tell me more about her group.  It turns out that they had a system for letting a male choose the females he wants to have for a mate.  Based on three factors...Emotional, Sexual and Parental.  When we first walked in the door, Tammy gave me a list of all 12 females in the group that I had to choose from. Followed by 3 more columns separated by the three characteristics.
The first column was the Emotional column (Elite 8), After I had met all of the females I had to choose which 8 females that I would like to get to know better.  Naturally, I put Tammy's name down on the list and I would've put her name down in the next two columns as well, that is until she told me to do each column one at a time.  I (reluctantly) agreed to wait, but I wanted to yiff Tammy real bad.
The next column was the Sexual column (Final 4), After spending 1 night with each female (just to cuddle and get better acquainted), I had to choose 4 of the remaining females that I most wanted to yiff.
The last column was the Parental column, after yiffing with each of the four remaining females twice.  I had to choose the two females who I felt attached to the strongest (both emotionally and physically).  Then I would spend a week with each female to see which one I would like to marry and have children with.
After the second week, It would be time to choose a mate among the two remaining females.
After reviewing the paper, Tammy told me that I would have to wait for the rest of the group to get here.  So she gave me the key to the Guest Room, which was actually the largest room in the house.  Apparently, the females wanted their potential mates to be as comfortable and happy as possible, therefore they only invited one male at a time.  The room had a big-screen HDTV, cable, a king-size bed, and even a microwave oven*.  As I turned on the TV and looked for any sport that I could find, the other 11 females began to arrive as well.  About 2 hours later, after finally finding a baseball game to watch, Tammy came upstairs and told me that I could come downstairs now.
Anxious and also hungry, I went downstairs to meet the other females.  Once I got to the bottom of the stairs all the females (except Tammy) immediately flocked around me, some of them were saying how cute I was, a few of them however, were going further by stroking my fur and one of the females even went below the belt and gave my you know what a squeeze.  That made me feel a bit uneasy, but it turns out that the other females (some of which had never been yiffed before) were just as anxious as I was.  After the introduction to the group, it was time for dinner in the main dining room.  During dinner, a cute, and very friendly collie fem named Lisa Marie sat beisde me.  I thought to myself that she would be a good candidate for a mate.
Later that night, as I lay in bed watching TV, I went over the list that I had been given.  So far I had Tammy and Lisa Marie down as 2 of the 8 females I wanted to get to know better.  The only problem was, there were still 6 spots open and I had no idea which of the remaining 10 to choose.  I thought about it until 2 A.M.  By that time I was too tired to think anymore that night.  So I figured that the rest of the "Elite 8" could wait until morning to be filled in.
End of Act 3

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