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The C-Files
Episode 1 Supplement #3
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Sometimes it is hard to choose a mate...especially when you have a dozen females to choose from.

That's why I need your help...Go to the Fox Union Fantasies website and vote in the current poll.  There will be three polls that will be conducted over the next few months regarding this story.
First Poll: Elite 8
Before this poll began, I chose 2 eligible bachelorettes to receive automatic "Elite 8" bids.  They are listed on the table at the bottom of this page.  The other six spots will be determined by you guys.  Choose the six females that you would like to see in the "Elite 8".  The top six vote getters advance*.
Second Poll: Final Four
Before this poll begins, I will choose 1 of the 8 remaining bachelorettes to receive an automatic bid to the "Final Four".  All eligible bachelorettes who make it to the "Final Four" will be featured in a yiffy drawing with my alter-ego.  Your job is to select 3 females from the remaining 8 to go on to the yiffy drawing stage.  The top 3 vote getters advance.*
Third Poll: The Finals
This stage will be entirely up to you!  Out of the remaining 4 bachelorettes, your job is to select 2 of them to go on to the Finals*.  Each female that advances will be in a yiffy story with my alter-ego.  After the field is down to 2 females, I will choose the winner myself, and that female will be my mate.  For contest purposes, I will create a poll when I finish the second yiffy story in order for you to vote for which female I will choose.  Before I open the poll I will have made my choice, your job is to vote for which female you think that I have chosen.  If you're right, you'll have an added edge in the final score.
How you do in the contest below will be based on a point system.  Each female you vote for gives you a chance to earn points.  If that female advances, everyone who voted for that female gets the points listed on the table below.  At the end of the contest, in case of a tie, the tie will be broken by who the two persons voted for in the final poll.  If both or neither persons were correct, the tie will be broken based on the following tie-breaking methods.
1st tie-breaker: How many females each person voted for in the Elite 8 poll made it to that round.
2nd tie-breaker: How many females each person voted for in the Final 4 poll made it to that round.
3rd tie-breaker: How many females each person voted for in the Finals poll made it to that round.
If all tie breakers are exhausted, each person will be asked to choose a number between 1-10, whoever gets it right first gets the higher position**.
Grand Prize: 1 character based on whatever the winner wants (within reason) + 2 Yiffy Requests of their choice (either drawings, stories or one of each).
First Prizes (2): 1 yiffy request of their choice..

Elite 8 1 pt/each
Final 4 2 pts/each
Finalists 3 pt/each
Perfect Score 20 points

Contest Bracket
Character Name Elite 8 Final Four The Finals
Katie Lee Taylor      
Laura Taylor
Regina Lawson Tammy
Gloria Tanner Lisa Marie
Kenya Blackwell Laura Tammy
Lisa Marie Barrington Regina Laura Laura
Christina DeAngelo Katie Lee Katie Lee Tammy
Maggie Juniper Gloria Beverly  
Beverly Mackey Beverly  
Tina Bartlett Kenya
Melinda Simonson  
Tammy St. Marie
Tammy St. Marie

*: In case of a tie for the final spot(s), I will cast the tie-breaking vote.
**: One guess at a time per person.