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*: Born on Vulpes (to get Earth years, subtract 1000).

Character Color Key
Main Character A major character in one or more of the Fox Union Sites, all main characters will get pix.
Supporting Character A character in one of the Fox Union sites that has a large impact on a particular story/part. Some Supporting Characters will get pix (but not all).
"Extra" Character A minor character in one of the Fox Union Sites. Most (if not all) of these characters will not get pix.

Chad E. Kobylenski (Moi)
(C-PRIME Form)
1st Gen. Red Fox January 10, 1980 6'3"/185 Tammy St. Marie Kobylenski
4 children (for now)
Fridley, MN Near Victoria, MAI
My alter-ego, married Tammy St. Marie in 3004 (2004 in Earth years) and currently have 4 pups together (more are on the way).

Michael A. Mason
1st Gen. ALPHA Golden Fox January 10, 1975 7'/414 Penelope Fox Mason
9 children
Minneapolis, MN N. Victoria, MAI
My 3rd original character, Created June 1996.
During his entire life, Mike has had an influence on many lives, including his mate Penelope. His father created what Mike (and Michelle) would turn into IBN (the largest company on Vulpes).

Michelle (Mason) Jones
1st Gen. ALPHA Golden Vixen January 10, 1975 6'3"/145 Todd Jones
4 children
Minneapolis, MN N. Victoria, MAI
Mike's twin sister, created in 2000.
The first female to play in the IFL (which was all male before Michelle joined). Michelle is responsible for making sure the IBN networks are as family-friendly as possible.

Jennifer "Jennie" (Mason) Wayne
1st Gen. Golden Vixen January 31, 2978* 5'11"/130 Martin Wayne
3 children
Mason City, MAI Victoria, MAI
Mike and Michelle's younger sister.
Plays football in the WIFL for the same team that Michelle was on before she moved on to the IFL. Married on of Mike and Michelle's IFL teammates in 3002.

Miles Mason
1st Gen. Golden Fox May 8, 2992* 5'5"/105 Too young
Fox Valley City, MAI Fox Valley City, MAI
The youngest of the Mason children. He still lives with mom and dad in FVC.

Todd Mason
1st Gen. Red Fox April 12, 2957 5'10"/150 Melissa Hill Mason
4 children
Mason City, MAI Fox Valley City, MAI
The founder of what his oldest children (Mike and Michelle) would turn into IBN.

Melissa (Hill) Mason
1st Gen. Red Vixen May 4, 2957* 5'6"/115 Todd Mason
4 children
Willowbrook, MAI Fox Valley City, MAI
Not very much is known about this character, except that she's the mother of 2 very famous golden foxes (Mike and Michelle), Jennie, and Miles.

Penelope (Fox) Mason
2nd Gen. Red Vixen May 13, 2979* 5'7"/110 Michael A. Mason
9 children
Tacoma, MAI N. Victoria, MAI
Mike's Mate, she fell in love with him after he got her out of a contract with a real asshole of an agent. Penelope's Law was named after her.

Melissa (Johannsen) Sherman
Field Mousette May 3, 2979* 5'2"/98 Michael Sherman
6 children
Mason City, MAI Minneapolis, MN
One of the many females that Mike helped out in the past. She married one of his cousins in 3003 and moved to Minneapolis.

Abigail Johannsen
Field Mousette June 12, 2985* 5'2"/90 None in both cases
Mason City, MAI Mason City, MAI
Melissa's younger sister, works at a strip club in Mason City (see FUF & SEFS). Another female helped out by Mike (albeit indirectly).

Cole Fox
4th Gen. Silver Fox April 7, 1981 6'3"/215 Carol Keller Fox
No children
Arlington, MN near Gibbon, MN
Character created by "Nafruf" (grand prize winner of the "Dream Date" contest).

Carol (Keller) Fox
1st Gen. 2-TAILED Red Vixen May 21, 2981* 5'7"/110 Cole Fox
No children.
Dolphin City, MAI near Gibbon, MN
Not much is known about her, except that she was a former adult movie star who was on vacation in the U.S. and got caught up in a tornado outbreak in 2003, where she met Cole.

Megan Appleby
1st Gen. Red Vixen April 6, 2980* 5'5"/100 None in either case.
Tacoma, MAI Minneapolis, MN
My FIRST original character, created in February 1996.
I just recently brought her back and I'm currently thinking of something to put her in.

Tammy (St. Marie) Kobylenski
1st Gen. 2-TAILED vixen. March 11, 1980 6'3"/175 C-PRIME
4 children (expecting)
Minneapolis, MN near Victoria, MAI
My second original character, created the same day that I created Megan.
An athletic young vixen who I married last year. Currently pregnant with our second litter (due to arrive soon).

Holly Ann Rose
Gray Wolf March 18, 1979 5'8"/120 Jordan Rose
4 children
Grand Rapids, MN Mason City, MAI
Holly currently works as a secretary for the IBN affiliate in Mason City, but is also looking to move up to a better job.

Gen. Michael Sherman
2nd Gen. Golden Fox June 3, 2975* 6'4"/180 Melissa Johannsen Sherman
6 children
Lake City, CEI Minneapolis, MN
Melissa's mate. They first met in 2995 (when Melissa was just 16), and were reunited in 3003 at the same strip club where she worked at (and Abigail currently works at).

Bridget Rainer
3rd Gen. Red Vixen May 10, 2978* 5'7"/110 None in either case.
Mason City, MAI near North Platte, NE
The winner of the 2003 Alphabet Girl of the Year poll from the Fox Union Fantasies site.

Sheila Mason
Rabbit May 14, 1977 5'6"/110 None in both cases
Cedar Rapids, IA Laramie, MAI
One of Mike and Michelle's cousins, Sheila was born with pink fur; however, a childhood accident at a paint factory caused her fur to become light blue in color.

Eve Young
Husky June 3, 2981* 5'10"/145 None in either case.
Laramie, MAI Ogden, MAI
The winner of the 2004 Alphabet Girl of the Year poll from the Fox Union Fantasies site.

Kuma Bernhard
German Shepherd May 10, 1977 5'11"/175 None in either case
Vancouver, British Columbia Lake City, CEI
Character created by Awz Shepherd (grand prize winner of the "Episode 1" contest).
The son of the ISRL legend Peter Bernhard (see Episode 6-2 in the C-Files)

Virginia (Holloway) Wallace
Kangaroo April 11, 1978 5'10"/130 Richard Wallace
2 children
Melbourne, Australia Alice Springs, Australia
The daughter of a 'roo couple from Flat Island that moved to Australia shortly before she was born.
Virginia was originally created by me in 2000.
Richard Wallace
2nd Gen. Red Fox May 22, 2978 6'1"/190 Virginia (Holloway) Wallace
2 children
Phillips, MAI Alice Springs, Australia
Virginia's Mate.
He met her while on vacation in Australia.

All drawings on this site (except for the Censor Panda buttons and logos) are (c) to C-PRIME and are not to be re-distributed without permission from me...OR ELSE!
All Censor Panda buttons and logos are (c) to Miss Mab and are used with permission.