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All alphabet girls in RED are the four "Alphabet Girl of the Year winners" and are eligible to win the "Alphabet Girl Queen" award.
The Alphabet Girl in GOLD will be the "Alphabet Girl Queen" when the poll closes in the FUF group.  The winner will be made a permanent character in the Fox Union.

Cast of Characters
Name Species/Gen. Date Added
Angela Sayers Mousette 9/4/2003
Bridget Rainer Red Vixen/3rd 10/7/2003
Celeste Campbell Mousette 11/12/2003
Danielle Dawson Poodle 12/10/2003
Eve Young Husky 1/21/2004
Felicia Anderson Raccoon 3/6/2004
Ginger Benson Coyote 4/25/2004
Harmony Wellington Seal 5/31/2004
Ivory Garnier Arctic Vixen 7/21/2004
Jenny Ellsworth Collie 9/19/2004
Kira Echols Kangavixen 10/30/2004
Lily McGrath Wolf 12/11/2004
Melody Watson Doe 1/26/2005
Naomi Sanders Vixeness 3/12/2005
Olivia Monroe Kangaroo 4/18/2005
Pamela (Pammy) Randell Mousette 6/13/2005
Quinn Bartell TWO-tailed Vixen 7/17/2005
Roxanne Norris Kangaroo 8/21/2005
Scarlet Wendell Seal 9/24/2005
Trixie Patterson Spotted Cat 10/21/2005
Charlene Hendersen (BKA: Unity) Tigress 11/17/2005
Vanessa Simmons Kangavixen 12/30/2005
Willow Castille Collie 1/20/2006
Xenia St. John THREE-Tailed Vixen 2/17/2006
Yvette Johnson Mink 3/19/2006
Zoe Fiedler 1st Gen. Vixen 4/23/2005

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