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Last Updated: 9/9/2006

Male Characters
Name Species Age Availability
Jason Solomon Red Fox/1st 18 Some*
Sam Mulder Wolf 19 Some*
Henry J. Alder Coyote 19 Some*
Justin Appleton Collie 18 Some*
Edward Blake Dingo 20 Some*
David Westington Human 18 Some*
William Howard Mouse 18 Some*
Adrian Quimby Kangaroo 20 Some*
Vincent Cobb Seal 19 Some*
Ben Firestone Raccoon 19 Some*
Nathan Valentino "Normal" Domestic Cat 18 Some*
Ted Paulson Kangafox 20 Some*
Todd Franklin Buck 21 Some*
Shawn Clemons Rabbit 19 Some*
Nicholas Olsen Squirrel 20 Some*
Mitch Kingsford Meerkat 22 Pending**
Christopher Sable Mink 19 Not Yet
Pierre LeFors Dolphin 21 Not Yet
William Brazelton Coonfox 20 Not Yet
Kenneth Andrews Stallion 22 Not Yet
Fabian San Luis Orca 20 Not Yet

Female Characters
Part # Name Species Age Availability
4 Ginger Kellerman Golden Vixen/1st 26 COMPLETE
5 Simone Arlette Wolf 22 Some*
6 Ashley Lee Emerson Coyote 20 Not Yet
7 Brigitte Fleurette Poodle 24 Not Yet
8 Mary Ann Sutton Dingo 22 Not Yet
9 Abigail Johannsen Mousette 18 COMPLETE
9b Carrie Carmichael Mousette 20 COMPLETE
10 Amber Davis Panda 23 COMPLETE
11 Nancy King Hamster 25 Not Yet
12 Paula Price Lioness 28 Not Yet
13 Margaret Howell Spotted Cat 19 Not Yet
14 Belinda Wellington Kangaroo 24 Not Yet
15 Sally Webber Seal 20 Some*
16 Beverly Jackson Raccoon 19 Not Yet
17 Tina Marie Smith Kangavixen 24 Some*
18 Denise Iverson Dalmatian 21 Some*
19 Hallie Carter Doe 22 Some*
19 Callie Carter Doe 22 Some*
20 Belle Vandenberg Polar Bear 25 Not Yet
21 Sheila Mason Rabbit 27 Some*
22 Tanya Leyland Squirrel 24 Not Yet
23 Allison Wallen Meerkat 20 Some*
24 Shasta Halladay Vixeness 22 Not Yet
25 Angela Grant Foxy Mousette 20 Not Yet
26 Christina Sable Mink 19 Some*
27 Erika Goodwin Hedgehog 18 Not Yet
28 Marina Bayfield Dolphin 20 Not Yet
29 Fiona Redford Pandacoon 19 Not Yet
30 Jasmine Garcia Coonvixen 23 Not Yet
31 Cheyenne Starlett Mare 22 Not Yet
32 Fayette Bloomquist Orca 19 Not Yet
33 Eve Young
Alphabet Girl Queen
Husky 25 Not Yet

*: Indicates characters who are available with only certain other characters (See ACT 1 of any active female for more information)
**: Indicates a character who is not currently available, HOWEVER, at the time of the update, there were parts in production involving this character.
NOTE: Christopher and Christina Sable are Brother and Sister, therefore they will not be an eligible option for Christina's series when it is started.

All drawings on this site (except for the Censor Panda buttons and logos) are (c) to C-PRIME and are not to be re-distributed without permission from me...OR ELSE!
All Censor Panda buttons and logos are (c) to Miss Mab and are used with permission.