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C-PRIME's 10th Anniversary Section

Last Updated: 5/7/2004

Name Species/Gen. Year Created (originally)
Chad E. Kobylenski
(Alter Ego..."C-PRIME" form)
Red Fox/1st 1980 (real form)
2003 (this form)
Michael A. Mason ALPHA Golden Fox/1st 1996
Michelle Mason Jones ALPHA Golden Fox/1st 2000
Jennifer (Jennie) Mason Wayne Golden Fox/1st 2000
Miles Mason Golden Fox/1st 2000
Todd Jones Red Fox/1st 2001
Martin Wayne Red Fox/1st 2001
X Midnight Star Blue Fox 2002
Debbie McMichaels (Victory Vixen) Red Fox/1st 1998
Todd Mason Red Fox/1st 2001
Melissa Mason Red Fox/1st 2001
Scarlet Rose Holiday Red Fox/1st 2001
Josephine Naples Red Fox/2nd 2002
Holly Ann Rose Wolf 2002
Rebecca (Becky) St. John Golden Fox/4th 2002
Kevin Lee Red Fox/1st 2002
Ramon Martinez Red Fox/2nd 2003
Col. Charles E. Kobel Red Fox/1st 2003
Roseanne (Rosie) Dearborn Red Fox/4th 2003
Samantha Davis Red Fox/2nd 2003
Cassie O'connor Collie 2003
Holly Sanders TRUE RED (FIRE) FOX 2003
X Kit Carter Kit Fox 2003
X Carol Keller Fox Two-Tail Red Fox/1st 2003
Megan Appleby Red Fox/1st 1996
Tammy St. Marie Two-Tail Red Fox/1st 1996
X Cole Fox
(Requested Character)
Silver Fox/4th 2004
X Tina Brown
AKA: Valentina
Red Fox/3rd 2004
Linda Reed Johannsen Red Fox/1st NEW!
Katie Lee Taylor Red Fox/1st NEW!
Laura Taylor Red Fox/1st NEW!
Regina Lawson Coyote NEW!
Lisa Marie Barrington Collie NEW!
Beverly Mackey Wolf NEW!
Melinda Simonson Dalmatian NEW!

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