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Application to become one of the Friends of the Fox Union.

If you have a web site and are looking for a page to link to, then you've come to the right place.  If you do link to my site, fill out the form below and I will put a link to your site on mine.
In addition to the link on the link page, your site will also be included on all the Fox Union Navigation Bars which are located on the Home Page of every site.  Plus your name will be added to the credits page for everyone to see.
Acceptable Web Site Material:
I am a very flexible person and I am willing to work with almost any type of material that you have on your web page (just as long as it is fox and/or cartoon related.)
The following list is what I absolutely refuse to put on this site!:
> Anything site that has material that has been stolen from other cartoonists (or cartoon companies)
> Any site with M/M pictures (I am for equal rights for EVERYONE, but I DO NOT WANNA LOOK AT THESE TYPES OF PICTURES DAMMIT!!!)
> Anything that is completely and utterly bizarre (I.E.: Macro/Microphilia, Hermaphrodites, etc.)
When you send the form, please allow up to 4 weeks for proper adjustments to be made (in most cases, forms will be processed within 72 hours.)

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Web site title:
Web Address:
Brief Description of site:

Thank You!

All drawings on this site (except for the Censor Panda buttons and logos) are (c) to C-PRIME and are not to be re-distributed without permission from me...OR ELSE!
All Censor Panda buttons and logos are (c) to Miss Mab and are used with permission.