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Tammy's Past
In March of 1980, Tammy, her sister Amanda, along with 4 other (now deceased...more on that shortly) siblings were born at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.  Tammy's parents had just moved to Minneapolis a few weeks before when her father was offered a job at a computer programming firm.  Although there had been Vulpines born in Minnesota prior to this (see Episode 2 of the C-Files for example), when she and Amanda were born, they were surprised to see that Tammy and Amanda both had TWO tails, whereas their parents each had one.  On Vulpes, Two-tailed foxes are rare, but not unheard of (out of the 3.5 billion foxes on Vulpes, roughly 500,000 have more than one tail).  When one of the doctors asked Diana (Tammy's mother) if she wanted them to operate on Tammy and Amanda to remove one of their tails, Diana promptly told the doctor that if he did, she would rip his windpipe out.  Multi-tailed foxes like their extra tail (or tails) and DON'T want to have them removed (unless their lives are at risk), multiple tails often make foxes more attractive when they are searching for a mate...particularly in vixens.  Tammy and Amanda got to keep both of their tails and that was pretty much the end of that discussion.
For the next decade and a half, Tammy and the rest of her family continued to live in NE Minneapolis and would eventually go to Edison High School, just like her cousin Megan (see Megan's page).  Life was pretty boring for Tammy's family, nothing too much out of the ordinary, until one evening in August of 1996 when her life would change forever.  Tammy's family was starting on a trip to Wisconsin Dells to spend the last weeks of summer vacation before Tammy, Amanda, and the rest of their siblings would be going back to EHS for their Junior year.  Before the family could get out of the cities, a drunk driver was traveling on the other side of I-94 towards St. Paul when that driver lost control of the vehicle, crossed the median and struck the family minivan on the driver's side.  Then, when the car of the drunk driver hit the van, the car directly behind the van tried to stop to avoid becoming part of the wreck, but was too close and ended up rear-ending the van.  Tammy and Diana were sitting on the right side of the van and avoided the first crash completely.  The second crash caught Tammy from behind and sent her forward.  Fortunately, she was wearing a seat belt and remained relatively uninjured.  However, the impact of the second crash caused one of her tails to be broken and the other one was severely bruised and sore for days.  Tammy's father and four of her five siblings were killed instantly.  Amanda was still alive, but badly injured, much worse than Tammy or her mother.  Shortly after the crash, ambulances, police officers, and firefighters were on the scene, and while officers attended to the drunk driver (who managed to escape injury somehow), Tammy and her mother got out of the van and waited to see if Amanda could be saved in time.  After a few minutes, the firefighters managed to pull Amanda out of the van and put her on a stretcher to be taken to the hospital.  Once she was taken out, Tammy and Diana were also placed inside the ambulance to make sure that they weren't more severely injured than they seemed to be.  Fortunately, aside from her broken tail, Tammy was otherwise fine.  Again, the doctor's offered to amputate Tammy's broken tail, but were quickly met with a hostile response (it's not smart to ask a 16-year old two-tailed vixen to amputate one of her tails).  As for Amanda, she had suffered severe internal injuries and the ER doctor's told Diana that it was unlikely that Amanda would survive.  However, three weeks and several operations later, Amanda did manage to heal enough from her injuries to leave the hospital with her mother and sister.  Although Amanda's survival was a minor miracle, Diana had lost her mate and most of her children (although she still had her two oldest daughters*).  When they saw how miserable their mother was, Tammy and Amanda felt like it was their responsibility to make her happy as well as to honor their father's memory by having families of their own.  While Amanda set out to start a family almost immediately, Tammy was much more reserved.  Tammy didn't want to have a family with any male, she wanted to have a family with a sweet and loveable male, who would treat their children with the love that her father gave to Tammy and her siblings.  Surprisingly, unlike most multi-tailed vixens, Tammy most preferred a HUMAN mate who had no objection to marrying/yiffing a vixen.
As for the rest of this section, I think you probably know what happened next by now, and if you don't...I suggest you go to the C-Files and go through Episode 1 for a while.

*: Based on order of birth

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