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Megan Alicia Appleby

Megan's Past
Megan, her two sisters (Pamela and Angela), and her only brother (Daniel) were born in what was once Northside, MAI (now a part of Tacoma, MAI) in April of 2980.  During their childhood, the four siblings grew up happily in Tacoma until their father got a promotion and had to move to Minneapolis, MN in 2996 (1996 in Earth years).  The family picked a hell of a time to move, because of two reasons.
1. The family moved to Minneapolis in January of time for one of the worst ice storms and cold snaps in Minnesota history*.
2. Three months after they moved, the house where they had lived before was destroyed by an F-5 tornado associated with the Mason Island Super Outbreak (as mentioned in Episode 3 of the C-FILES).  The couple who lived in the house (a male mouse and a female rabbit) ended up losing 7 of their 14 children to that tornado**.
Megan and her siblings finished their mandatory schooling at Edison High School in NE Minneapolis* Then, after graduating, the four siblings went their separate ways.  While Angela and Daniel returned to Mason Island to attend college at the U of MAI in Mason City, Pamela and Megan remained in Minneapolis.  But the two sisters were very different from each other.  While Megan wanted a mate who was sweet and loveable, and that would stay with her no matter what; Pamela was a hot and horny vixen who wanted to be yiffed almost every day (and in some cases, more than one in a day).  The two sisters ended up going in opposite directions.  Pamela got a job at a new strip club in one of the suburbs, while Megan stayed in Minneapolis, attending college at the U of M**.  By the summer of 2002 (in Earth years), Megan had graduated from the U of M with a degree in computer technology.  A few weeks later, she was hired by KSTP-TV*** and has been working there ever since.
Megan's Present
Today, Megan is a couple months away from turning 26, she's still single and still a virgin.  She has started to seek a mate that would fit her needs, preferably a male fox or a male mouse.  Since Megan is going to be a part of an RPG coming this summer (I think), I won't go into any more details right now.

*: Both of these events REALLY DID HAPPEN!
**: In case you did read parts of Episode 3...NO, this is NOT the same tornado that Mike spawned to catch and kill the Troublemaker.
*: If you're asking yourself why this sounds familiar, it's because that's where I went to high school.
**: GO GOPHERS!!! ^w^
***: KSTP-TV is the ABC Affiliate in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I chose this because the chief meteorologist @ KSTP is a native Minnesotan (like me) and I trust him more than I do any other meteorologist in the state.  In case you are still perplexed, either read the book "Partly Sunny" or watch "Storm Stories" on the Weather Channel, if you pay enough attention, you'll find Dave Dahl in there somewhere (you may have to be patient if you watch "Storm Stories" though).  BTW, he's been doing the weather here for nearly 30 YEARS!

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