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If you are a member of the Fox Union Fantasies group, please fill out the following form.  (You will get 20 bonus PPA points if you do*)


Rating Definitions
Rating Definition
5 Excellent work, I don't see how you can make any changes to this aspect.
4 Overall, I feel that this part is pretty good, there are a few changes and/or ideas that I have to make this better though.
3 Neither good, nor bad...basically about average.
2 I've seen worse...but not by much, changes need to be made to make it better.
1 My mother told me not to say anything if I don't have anything nice to say...let's just leave it at that!

This table is to be used for all questions with drop down menus where it asks you to grade certain aspects of the group

Quality of Drawings (Characters)
Quality of Drawings (BG's...photographic only)
Quality of Drawings (Overall)
The amount of drawings that are posted on the group are...
Quality of Stories (Normal Portions)
Quality of Stories (Yiffy Portions)
Quality of Stories (Overall)
The amount of stories that are in the group are...
Have you read any portions of the SEFS?
If you answered yes to the first SEFS question, which female do you prefer the most? (If you have no preference, just say "Don't Care")
If you answered yes to the first SEFS question, which series do you want to see me start next (see SEFS CoC page in this site...if you don't know, just say so)
Quality of Yiff Positions
Favorite Yiff Positions (drawn or in can list up to 3)
Preferred Species (Species you like to see most** can list up to 3)
Suggestions for improvements? (NOTE: There are some things that I simply will NOT do...I.E: Yuri/Yaoi, Herms, Anal Sex, etc.)
Your PPA ID* (If you don't know it...either check the database on the FUF group or type "Don't Know")
Your E-mail Address (required if you don't give me your PPA ID...otherwise it's optional)

*: If you want the bonus PPA Points, you have to participate in a poll for the group...if you haven't already.
**: Restricted exclusively to the species that I have already tested and approved (Basically all the species that I do drawings for as of October 2005).

All drawings on this site (except for the Censor Panda buttons and logos) are (c) to C-PRIME and are not to be re-distributed without permission from me...OR ELSE!
All Censor Panda buttons and logos are (c) to Miss Mab and are used with permission.