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Updated: 4/29/2005
NOTE: Because of the prizes available in this contest, only Fox Union Fantasies members can participate in this contest.

NOTE: All new rules are shown in Orange
What is WordLogic?
> WordLogic is a game similar to "Scrabble" that I "invented" during the baseball season when I had nothing else to do while waiting to go home after work.  There are three differences in this contest as compared to "Scrabble".
1. The game-board consists of 21 letters (including the letters of the secret word) scrambled in each puzzle.
2. Letters on each game-board can be used for more than one word (HOWEVER, you cannot use letters that don't exist on that board.  I.E.: you make a word using three "T"'s when there are only 2 "T"'s in that puzzle.)
3. Every once in a while I will put in a SUPER TILE (see Super Tile scoring rules for more information).  When there is a super tile in a puzzle, that tile may ONLY BE USED ONCE!  So use it wisely.
4. You are given the opportunity to find a total of 6 words (the secret word + 5 more) to increase your scoring potential.
How do I play this game?
Rules are quite simple, I give you 21 letters, you try to make words with those letters.  In every puzzle there will be a secret word (or words) scrambled into the 21 letter game-board, your main task is to use the clues provided to find that secret word, and then fill in five more words using the letters provided.
The "Secret Word(s)"
Every puzzle will have a secret word (or words).  ALL SECRET WORDS WILL EITHER BE AT LEAST 10 LETTERS LONG AND/OR HAVE MULTIPLE WORDS.  I will provide you a total of four clues/puzzle.
Clue 1: The Title Clue (similar to Wheel of Fortune): Since almost all WordLogic puzzles will be based on cartoons (or cartoon characters), typical title clues will read as follows...
> Cartoon Character
> Cartoon Series
> Voice-over Actor/Actress
> Art into Reality (see sample puzzle on next page)
Clues 2 & 3: Helper Clues: This clues may or may not help you figure out the secret word, depending on how much cartoons you watch and how vigilent you are.
CLUE 4: THE "GOLDEN" CLUE: Each puzzle has one golden clue, this clue will DEFINITELY help you find the secret words if you pay close enough attention to it, this clue usually aids the two helper rules that I give you as well.
The other words
Once you have found the secret word (or words)*, you can add to your score by writing down 5 more words (minimum: 3 letters).  However, words of a demeaning nature or certain slang terms that I have not heard of are not acceptable and will be counted as an automatic zero for that word (exceptions to this rule: "ass", "damn", "damnation", "hell", "jackass", "crap", "vixen", "tramp").  Also proper names, names of sports teams (except Minnesota teams** and those named after REAL things), and places are not acceptable (unless they are the secret word).
Individual Letters: see Table "A"
Words of 10-letters or more (excluding the secret word): 100 points added to word total for 10 letters + 20 more for each letter over 10.
Minnesota Sports Team used as one of the 5 other words: Individual letter value + 25 points per letter used. NOTE: Additional points will be added AFTER any multipliers for this particular word.
Bonus Points
Finding the "secret word": doubles all points (except from the bonus boxes).
Letters in Green: adds 10 points to letter value for that word
Letters in Yellow: adds 20 points to letter value for that word
Letters in Orange: adds 25 points to letter value for that word
Filling in all six possible blanks: 10 points per letter used (from the 21 letters in the puzzle...if all 21 are used this will equal 250 points).
NOTE: Bonus points from colored letter "tiles" don't apply to the secret word.
Whenever there is a Super Tile in a puzzle, and it is used in the secret word.  That tile will be worth 10x its normal value.  (For example a "Super M" would be worth 150 points, instead of 15).  If the Super Tile is not used in the secret word, then it is worth normal points.
NOTE: Points from a Super Tile will be added AFTER the bonus box multiplier is awarded.
Bonus Boxes
If you know (or think you know) the secret word, write in the word and then choose one of the three bonus boxes.  If you are right, you will receive the points inside the bonus box (ranging from 2 to 4x the letter value of the secret word).
Other rules
This contest will be updated once every 2 to 3 months (time permitting), each person can only submit ONE entry per contest per e-mail account. If a prize is won, you will receive a Drawing Entry Number (DEN) with a "WL" attachment that you MUST use to claim any prizes won. (I.E. DEN: 001WL)
Prizes (See Table "B")
From the time I receive your entry and mail you your results, you'll have 4 weeks to RESERVE your prize and 12 weeks to CLAIM your prize.  If either of these deadlines pass without action taken, your prize will be nullified.  I am only one person and I can't wait forever for people to send me their claims (especially now that I work in the evenings).  If for some reason you need more time, e-mail me and I will give you a 2 week extension to reserve your prize or a 4 week extension to claim it (limit one extension per phase per person per contest).  

Table A
Letter Values
All vowels (not "Y") 5 points
R, S, T, L and N 10 points
M, C, D, B, H, F, P 15 points
G, V, W, K, Y 20 points
J and X 25 points
Q and Z 50 points

Table B
Prize Points Needed
Yiffy Story Request 1,000 points
Yiffy Drawing Request 1,500 points
2 (Choice) Yiffy Requests 2,000 points
+ one (choice) Yiffy Request
2,500 points

Click to go to the sample puzzle.

*: If you can't find the secret word, or just don't know it, just type "I don't know" in the appropriate space.
**: You should know by now why I'm gonna allow MN team names to be used for this contest. ^.^
***: Not all prizes are available in every contest.

All drawings on this site (except for the Censor Panda buttons and logos) are (c) to C-PRIME and are not to be re-distributed without permission from me...OR ELSE!
All Censor Panda buttons and logos are (c) to Miss Mab and are used with permission.