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Last Updated: 4/25/2004
Only some of the FUF characters are listed here

Name Species/Gen. Age # of appearances
Mandy Fenton (AKA: Raven) Black Cat 23 1
Juliette Mulligan Husky 24 1
Eleanor Heatherton Wolf 23 2
Tammy May Wallace Mousette 21 1
Gen. Michael Sherman Golden Fox/2nd 28 1
Midnight Star Blue Vixen 24 1
Carol Keller Fox Two-tail red vixen/1st 24 2 (for now)
Kit Carter Kit Fox 25 1
Melissa Johannsen Mousette 24 at least 2
Abigail Johannsen Mousette 18 2 (including SEFS)
Katherine (Kat) Carter White Cat 24 1
Sally Webber Seal 20 1 (includes SEFS)
Cole Fox Silver Fox/4th 23 1 (for now)
Tina Brown
AKA: Valentina
Red Vixen/3rd 23 1

More characters will be added as they are created.

Alphabet Girl Series CoC

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