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Please read below before returning to the gallery.

All artwork and characters contained in this and the subsidiary sites (unless otherwise stated), are the Property of Chad E. Kobylenski.
You may...
> Look at the drawings on the site
> Save drawings for personal use (i.e.: Desktop Wallpaper, etc.)
> Use drawings for your website...WITH PERMISSION!
You may NOT!...
> Pass of drawings and/or characters as your own (either mine or any other characters)
> Use drawings for profit on any kind
> Use drawings for your website...WITHOUT PERMISSION!
> Anything else that would be considered stealing.
If you have any suggestions for artwork ideas please feel free to let me know at my e-mail address below.
What I will do...
> Any requests of any of my characters.
> Any other characters (so long as I have the creator's permission)
What I will NOT do...
> Anything that is rated higher than PG (except for private which case you must be 18+)
> Any character from any well-established company (i.e.: Disney, Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, etc.) EVEN WITH PERMISSION!!!
> Anything that would be considered taboo or even illegal.
> Humans (as Ace Ventura said "I don't do humans!")
Once you have read the above you may return to the gallery.
Thank you and
God Bless America
Chad E. Kobylenski

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All drawings on this site (except for the Censor Panda buttons and logos) are (c) to C-PRIME and are not to be re-distributed without permission from me...OR ELSE!
All Censor Panda buttons and logos are (c) to Miss Mab and are used with permission.