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This page describes how inter-species relationships work and how compatable the species are.

Interspecies relationships are a large portion of Vulpine society (and in some cases, essential).  However, when you have a male and female of different species some problems could arise if the couple isn't well prepared.
Here are some examples of potential problems.
> The diet of each member of the relationship may be different.  For example, a male fox has an omnivorous diet (which includes eating meat) whereas his mate (a female mouse) has a lacto-vegetarian diet (which only includes dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc.)  The mouse has nothing to fear from the fox himself, however the mouse may (on occasion) prepare a meal that is more similar to that of a mouse diet.*
> Also, in some relationships where the male is considerably larger than his mate (in more ways than one),  he may UN-intentionally injure his mate during sexual activity.  In some cases, the male may injure her so severly that she may need to be hospitalized.  (This is one of the major reasons why female mice tend to mate with male foxes.  The other canine species would be just as friendly as the foxes, however they are considerably bigger on average and the mice are afraid that the male wolf or coyote will severly injure them.**)
> Human/Vulpine relationships generally remain as friendships.  If a human were to pair up with a fox, mouse, etc., the human will usually be a bit apprehensive at first while the fox, mouse or whatever may tend to be more eager.  Usually, men tend to be more open to relationships to Vulpine citizens (most human males would tend to seek a relationship with a female fox, wolf or coyote, which are members of the canine family.  In other words, "Man's best friend."). Women are a bit more cautious about the relationships with a Vulpine citizen on the count that they could be injured (albeit unintentional).  Whenever, a human female does seek a relationship with a male from Vulpes, she will tend to seek for a male mouse or fox.
In general, most interspecies relationships do work.  However, both partners must be aware of the others habits.  For some couples it comes naturally, for others it's more difficult and takes practice, and then there are some relationships that are better left as friendships. 

*: Usually, the fox doesn't mind a vegetarian meal once in a while, however a fox must eat some meat in order to get the proper nutrients they need to survive.
**: Fortunately, no one has been killed in an interspecies relationship when the male is considerably larger than the female.  However, other long-lasting effects may occur, such as partial or full paralysis, internal bleeding or infertility due to reasons that I don't think I'm even gonna mention.
NOTE:  The preceding statements are purely a fabrication of my imagination and are not intended to be taken seriously.  If you have any problems with the preceding statements, please let me know and I will promptly change or delete the offensive material.