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Feline species on Vulpes (both wild and domestic) are all female.  There are three reasons why this is so.  First, when mating is finished between 2 cats as the male leaves the female it causes sharp pain inside the female which causes her to become very angry.  Secondly, the male cats do not make very good fathers (except for lions.) Finally and more importantly the genetic code of the female cat has changed so that any eggs that are fertilized by an sperm cell with an X chromosome become a female kitten or a female fox pup.  The reason why the cats choose foxes is because the foxes are the most tame and least dangerous towards them*.
Male Fox/Female Domestic Cat
The inside of the female cat is very soft and loaded with nerve endings, and believe it or not, is naturally designed to be mated by a canine male (the fox is most preferred since their knot will fit comfortably inside them.)  Unlike in the case of a cat couple, mating with a fox feels good and gentle.  After about 15 minutes of mating the couple will seperate.  To a female cat the removal of the knot from her body feels very good, and in most cases she will purr afterwards.
After about 2 1/2 months the female will give birth to 4 to 12 kittens and/or pups.  Once a female cat gives birth to the young of her fox lover, they will be eternally bonded together and will create 2 or 3 more litters during their lifetime.
Male Fox/Female Wild Cat
Mating between male foxes and wild cats is pretty much the same as the above however there are some differences between which female that the male fox mates with.
Female Panther
Panthers are the most tame among the wild cats, and there is no real difference between mating with a panther and mating with a domestic cat.
Among the male fox/female feline relationships, this is the most common.  Lionesses are very insatiable when it comes to mating.  The male fox has to accomodate her needs the best that he can,  The male fox/lioness couple will mate multiple times in a single day perhaps as many as 10 times.  Usually, the male fox will become exhausted after 5 or 6 matings.  But the lioness will be very gentle towards her lover and she will snuggle with him.
Like the panthers, tigresses are fairly gentle and there is no real difference between mating with a tigress and mating with a domestic cat.
Female Cheetahs
Cheetahs are the most wild of the wild cats.  However they can be gentle as well.  In order for a male fox to mate with a female cheetah, often he will have to catch her first.  Cheetahs can run at speeds of up to 70 MPH (but only for a short time).  Foxes have an average running speed of 30 MPH** and they will eventually catch her.  After mating the couple will enjoy a mutual nibble on one another.  Cheetahs will nibble on the male's ear and the male will nibble on her ear and tail.  They seem to like it this way.

*: All canines at least tolerate felines, however the danger is from the knot of the other male canines which is much larger than the female can take.
**: Real foxes do not run that fast (probably 10 to 15 MPH maximum.)

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