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***The Aquatarian Princess***

Several thousand years ago, Aquaticus was divided into 9 kingdoms (eight underwater and one above water).  Each of the underwater kingdoms were ruled by either a dolphin family or an orca family.  For the most part, the kingdoms co-operated with one another and things were peaceful.  Gradually, as sons and daughters of various royal families began to marry and have their own sons and daughters, one kingdom would be merged into another until the whole planet was one large kingdom.
Being the eldest daughter of the Aquatarian King and Queen, Delfina was supposed to take her parent's place as the ruler of the Aquatarian kingdom once she was of age and found a suitable mate.  Unfortunately, this was never to be.  A handful of rats had stowed away on a spacecraft with tourists from Vulpes that had arrived on Aquaticus.  Shortly after arriving on Aquaticus, the rats went into seclusion for several years, breeding prolificly and developing weapons.  Then, one day, the rats attacked both what little land there was as well as the sea.  The rats wanted the land for more breeding ground, but they wanted to take over the sea since it was most of the planet and the royal family was down there.  Fortunately, because of the rats' above water attack, Delfina's parents were quickly notified of the horror that was coming towards them.  Not wanting to take any chances, Delfina's parents took her and her younger brother towards two emergency rockets that were scheduled to depart from Aquaticus en route to Mason City, MAI.  While her father escorted Delfina towards one of the escape rockets, her mother took her brother.  Each parent went a separate direction to try and confuse the rat horde.  Unfortunately for her mother and brother, they ran into a large armada of rat submarines and had no chance of surviving.  Meanwhile, Delfina and her father continued to swim towards shore, hoping to make it in time to catch the escape rockets.  They too were being tailed by an army of rats, but unlike her mother and brother, Delfina and her father had a small army of very tough male orcas determined to defend their king and princess.  While the rats outnumbered the orcas significantly, the orcas were strong enough to keep the rats from getting to the remaining royal family.
A couple hours later, Delfina and her father arrived at one of the emergency launch sites.  The site was already under attack by the rats and a small group of Vulpine soldiers that were called in to assist in the rescue were trying their best to keep the rats away until the rocket was safely in space.  Delfina and her father arrived just in time, He carried his daughter into the rocket and put her in a seat just as the rocket was preparing for take-off.  After he had placed his 7-year old daughter in the seat, her father had to leave her.  Being the king, he needed to stay on his planet and try to defend his kingdom, hoping that one day, it would be safe for her daughter and the rest of the evacuees to return.  Delfina tried to beg her father to stay with her, but he had a job to do.  Before leaving, he gave his young daughter the diamond charm that belonged to her mother and asked Delfina to hold onto it and think about her family while she was away.  After that, he hugged and nuzzled Delfina before stepping off the rocket.  At that very same time, the perimeter of the launch base had been compromised and the rocket needed to take off immediately, as soon as Delfina's father was off the rocket, they had to close the door and take-off.  The king needed to do all he could to protect his daughter as well as the 500 or so other passengers aboard the rocket.  As the army of rats approached him, the king slapped at them with his powerful dolphin tail, bit them (ripping off various body parts), and fought them with his bare hands.  For a while this seemed to work until more heavily armed rats got into the base just as the rocket had left the ground.  Delfina just happened to look out the window as the rocket left the ground and saw the leader of the group of rats on Aquaticus (one of the daughters of the Troublemaker) assassinate Delfina's father.  When she saw her father get killed, Delfina cried very loudly at the loss of her father.  Meanwhile, a young vixen heard Delfina crying and came to her.  The vixen comforted the young princess and told Delfina about how the rats killed her first mate as well as half of their first litter.  She knew exactly how Delfina felt and tried to comfort her the best that she could.  Although the vixen wasn't her biological mother, Delfina treated her as if she were and snuggled very close to the warm and loving vixen.  Meanwhile, the rocket wasn't out of danger yet, the rats were trying to shoot it down from the ground as it was getting away.  Delfina and the vixen held each other tight as they heard explosions all around them from long range missles.  All seemed lost until the second escape rocket had left the ground at the other base, allowing for the Vulpine Inter-stellar Defense Force to come in to clear the escape paths for the rockets.  Two heavily armed spacecrafts descended on each launch base, which was now crawling with rats.  Realizing the threat, the rats turned their firepower onto the spacecrafts, trying to shoot them down.  But the crafts were very heavily armed and also had blast shields*.  This allowed the two shuttlecrafts to get close enough to drop two Andromeda bombs on the sites, vaporizing all the rats on impact.  By now, the two rockets were safely in space, being escorted by additional shuttlecrafts.  With her mother and father dead, Delfina had nowhere to go once she arrived on Vulpes.  However, the vixen knew that she needed a new home and offered to adopt Delfina.  Although she appreciated the vixen's offer, Delfina was a dolphin and wouldn't feel right living on dry land all the time.  However, the vixen told Delfina that she lived in Royal Beach and that her house had a large swimming pool.  Although it wouldn't be exactly like home, the vixen promised the young princess that she would try her best to make her feel as if she were home.  Eventually, Delfina agreed to let the vixen and her new mate adopt her and would move to Royal Beach soon after arriving on Vulpes.
After the escape from Aquaticus, the VIDF in co-operation with the Aquatarian Rebellion Force worked to try to rid Aquaticus of the same rat scourge that was already on Vulpes.  For years it seemed that the rats had the upper-hand, until it was discovered that there were two ALPHA Golden Foxes on Vulpes (the arch-nemesis of rats everywhere).  Even though at that point Mike and Michelle weren't mature yet, they still had some of their alpha characteristics.  For several years, Vulpine scientists worked with two small blood samples from each of the Mason twins, trying to concoct either a defensive booster for the Dolphins and Orcas or a toxin that was lethal to the rats but harmless to everything else, that could also be put in the water.  Although Mike and Michelle's blood is already highly acidic and lethal in any living creature other than them without protective buffers**, they couldn't synthesize a toxin without endangering the life of Aquaticus.  Then, after discovering that collared foxes have some alpha characteristics, including the protective buffers, the scientists picked out a male and female collared fox, injected the blood sample into them and got them to breed.  Two months later, the collared vixen gave birth to nine healthy pups, all carrying the same acidic blood that Mike and Michelle have.  But that still wasn't the answer, they couldn't harvest any of the blood from the young collared foxes, it was against the law.  But about a month later, the answer finally came when it was discovered that the pups that were born to this collared fox couple were far stronger than the pups of a normal collared fox pair.  The scientists were at a loss to explain the pups incredible strength and stamina until one of the scientists decided to test the mother's milk.  Fortunately for the scientists, collared vixens give their milk freely as long as whoever milks her (whether it's her pups or scientists) does so with TLC.  When the milk was analyzed, they discovered that the milk contained an encapsulated retrovirus that carried a variation of the Alpha Golden Fox gene, though not as intense.  Though the pups didn't have immortality like the Mason twins do, they did have many of their other properties (I.E.: Able to run about 2x as fast as their normal counterparts, super-strength, etc).  When the answer was discovered, the scientists got the fox couple to reproduce again, creating a second litter of Alpha Collared Foxes, then once the females sexually matured and started making milk of their own, these fems were milked by regular vixens, who made sure the non-anthro vixens got the love and care they needed to produce fresh and healthy milk.  The milk was then sent to Aquaticus where all the Vulpine and Aquatarian soldiers drank up.  Each of the soldiers felt strangely energized and felt that they could take on the entire rat army by themselves.  Soon, super-powered dolphins, orcas, and Vulpines beat back the rat army, completely eradicating them within a year.  All of the fighters thought that they would keep their new-found strength forever.  However, the retrovirus is only permanent in Alpha Collared Foxes, the rest of the fighters soon returned to normal after the war was over.
Meanwhile, Delfina continued to grow up with her new family.  Each night she would rub the diamond charm and think about how much she loved and missed her parents and younger brother.  Eventually, once re-construction was complete, Delfina would be able to go home if she wanted.  By then however, the once vast kingdom had been dissolved into numerous family units throughout Aquaticus, just as real dolphins are.  That plus the fact that watching her father get killed giving her bad memories caused Delfina to remain on Vulpes.  To this day Delfina (now 24) still lives on Vulpes, in an oceanfront home near Dolphin Bay provided by the Vulpine government.  Although she's still technically a princess and is treated that way by the government, Delfina is perfectly content living her life like all the other playful young dolphin fems, the only thing that she's missing is a mate.
End of Act 5

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*: There are three types of shielding on Vulpine shuttlecrafts
Ray shields: Shields that deflect bullets and laser blasts, these shields are pretty much useless against explosive devices.
Blast shields: Sheilds that cause rockets, missles, etc to explode on contact with the shield before the rockets reach the ship.  These shields can offer some protection against laser blasts, but only a limited amount.
Composite shields: Sheilds that protect against all types of weapons (explosive or not), these are the strongest shields and are very difficult to breach.  However, despite Vulpes' economy and technology, the shields are too expensive and too power consuming to put on all inter-stellar craft.  Only those ships traveling between galaxies and command ships have composite shielding.
**: A plasma-like liquid is injected into a patient about a half-hour before they are injected with the highly acidic blood.  The plasma has a high pH, and protects the walls of the blood vessels from rupturing from the acid in the blood.