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Episode 7-13
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Intraspecies Relationships
NOTE: Not all Vulpine species will be represented here, just some of the more common ones as well as a few chosen by members of the Fox Union Fantasies group.

Act # Couple
14 Fox Couple
15 Domestic Dog Couple
16 Mouse Couple
17 Deer Couple
18 Horse Couple
19 Dolphin Couple
20 Kangaroo Couple
21 Wolf Couple

NOTE: More couples may be added to this list in the future

Most of the relationships on Vulpes are between two individuals of the same species, although in some cases (like dogs and cats) they can be of different breeds.  Most of the species on Vulpes have unique physical traits that are designed to be used with their own kind.  These characteristics are specifically designed to enhance the reproductive potential during yiff.  Each of the following acts will discuss the individual relationship in three separate parts...Emotional, Physical, and Reproductive.
Emotional: How the couple enters and develops a non-yiffy relationship, and other examples.

Physical: How the couples unique reproductive traits work and what they are.
Reproductive: How couples have their children, the typical parental roles of the mother and father, statistics about litter size, gestation, etc.
As I did with the Interspecies Relationships section, I will also provide an example of a yiffy relationship with each act, these will be on the CX-Files group.

NOTE (about acts 18 through 21): The order of these acts were determined by the results of the poll from the Fox Union Fantasies group and were arranged in the order of finish.