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Episode 7-9
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Top 10 Interspecies Relationships
***#7 Human M + F Collie*** 

Stat Pack: Human Male
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility*
5'10"-6'3" (estimate) Too difficult to determine Low

Stat Pack: F Collie
Avg Height Avg Weight Fertility* Avg Litter Size Max. Litter Size
5'6"-5'10" 100-125 lbs Moderate 4-6 8-12

The origin of this relationship.
As is the case on Earth, Humans and Domestic Dogs get along very well with each other.  The bond is even stronger when the canines are part-human (as they are on Vulpes).  There are also other factors that play into a Human Male/F Collie relationship (Collies are naturally cute and very cuddly, Lassie was a collie, etc.)
Why they cross-breed
The main reason why Human Males and F Collies yiff is because they love each other (both physically and emotionally).  Collies are the friendliest of all canine species on Vulpes and they are also the most willing to yiff with a human.  Also, whenever a human male yiffs a canine female, he finds her irresistible and will usually stay with her for a long time.
What they offer each other
Human Male: Companionship mainly, whenever a female collie wants to find a human for a mate, she normally looks for one who likes to snuggle and would be willing to raise a family with her.
F Collie: Higher fertility than human females; soft and thick fur (each Spring, a collie needs to have their fur trimmed and some collies will have their winter fur converted into warm clothing for her loving mate).  Companionship and enhanced sexual intimacy.
Other Information
Although Collies are the best match for a human male among the canine females on Vulpes, most humans still prefer vixens over Domestic Canine females...However, there are a few Collivixens (Collie/Vixen cross-breeds) on the planet which have both the compassion and love of a collie fem and the wild yiffability of a vixen.  However, there are only about 10 collivixens on all of Vulpes (of legal age anyway*)
End of Act 9...For a sample of a Human M/F Collie yiffy relationship, please see Act 9b.

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*: In case you don't already know, Vulpines (and humans born on Vulpes) are considered adults at age 16.