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The C-Files
Episode 3-11
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ACT 11: A Happy Ending...for now

After spending about 2 hours on a plane, Melissa and her Family as well as her brother arrived in Mason City.  As soon as they had arrived, Melissa wanted to take Brian where Abigail was living.  However, she wasn't sure if their sister was home.  Melissa tried calling Abigail but she didn't answer, apparently she must've been at work or something.  It was about 5 PM when the family arrived in Mason City and Melissa knew that if her sister was working in town that she may not be able to answer her until the next day.  In the meantime, they would have to find a hotel to stay at for the night.  Because Melissa was married and she had children who needed special care, she and Gen. Sherman booked a extra-large double room at one of the airport hotels (one for the couple, and one for their children).  As for Brian, he would have to spend the night in his own hotel room.  Even though he missed his sister, Brian had to leave Melissa to care for her children and it would be kinda awkward to have a brother and sister at their age share a room.
During the next few hours, Melissa tried calling Abigail several more times until around 10 PM that night.  As it turned out, Abigail was in the middle of a "date" with a male rabbit while Melissa tried to call her*.  Her date finally left about a half-hour earlier, leaving Abigail tired, but very happy.  At that time, Melissa called her sister one last time, Abigail was able to reach for the phone and answer.  Once she had picked up the phone Melissa told Abigail that she was in town along with her husband and family.  She also told Melissa that Brian had come with her to town.  At first, Abigail had no idea who Melissa was talking about and didn't remember anyone she knew (at least not well enough) named Brian.  However, when Melissa heard Abigail say "Brian who?", she rolled her eyes back and told her that he was their BROTHER.  At that moment, Abigail's eyes became very big and she dropped the phone on the floor.  Like Melissa, Abigail thought that Brian had been dead for years and was surprised to learn that he was alive.  Abigail picked the phone back up and asked Melissa if she could talk to him.  Melissa told her sister that Brian was in another room in the hotel and she didn't even know if he was awake or not.  Abigail was tired herself and was getting ready to go to bed.  However, she didn't have to be anywhere the next day, Abigail invited Melissa, her family, and Brian over to the house in the morning.  Melissa told Abigail that she would tell Brian as soon as she could and told Abigail that she would see her in the morning, before hanging up the phone.
The next morning, while Brian was taking a shower in his hotel room, Melissa went downstairs to his room and knocked on the door.  When he heard the knocking, he got out of the shower as quickly as he could and answered the door.  When he answered the door, he saw Melissa waiting for him.  She told Brian that Abigail had invited them over to her house and that she was about to leave.  At the time, Brian only had a towel on and he felt somewhat embarrassed.  Melissa quickly saw that he wasn't exactly dressed and let him get clothes on.  A few minutes later, Brian came back out of his room (wearing clothes this time) and the two siblings left the hotel to where Gen. Sherman had parked the van they were using to go to Abigail's house.  A little while later, the van arrived Abigail's house where she was waiting for them.  When Abigail saw Brian, she immediately recognized him and leaped into his arms.  Abigail nuzzled her older brother and held onto him tightly.  Although he could understand that Abigail hadn't seen him in years, Brian figured that she was getting too attached to him.  Melissa had to almost literally pry Abigail off of Brian.
About 2 weeks later, the three remaining siblings and their families had a large BBQ.  Mike and Michelle Mason were also invited along with the entire Victoria Stars team (Brian was a linebacker for the team's IFL2 affiliate in Minneapolis**, since Mike was the general manager of the Victoria Stars and the team needed a new linebacker, he was about to sign Brian to an IFL contract.)  That's basically all for this story.  However, as you may have read in Act 6, there is more to Melissa than what I have written here...but you'll have to wait to find out.

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*: See SEFS and Act 8
**: That's Minneapolis, MAI...not Minneapolis, MN.  There is a city on Mason Island that is called Minneapolis (for obvious reasons...see Episode 2-1)