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The C-Files
Episode 3-4
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Contains EXTREME Violence.

ACT 4: Freedom!
(April 2996)

As you may have read in Act 2, Mother Nature played a hand in sinking "Rat" Island and decimating most of the rats.  However, "The Troublemaker" and a small group of rats managed to escape Mother Nature's wrath.  Since the majority of their family had been killed by the rats, 10 months had passed for Melissa and Abigail.  Melissa was a month away from turning 17 and just 5 months away from starting her Senior year in high school.  Even though she had many friends and allies to protect her and Abigail, she still feared for their safety.  But she wouldn't have to be in fear for much longer.
On a warm, sultury day in mid-April 2996, the Storm Center* in Mason City was monitoring the potential for a BIG severe weather outbreak.  During the winter, Mike had all of his stations on Mason Island install brand new, highly advanced "Tempest" Pulse Doppler Radar systems after a successful test in Mason City over a 3 year span.  These radars were so technologically advanced that it would make any REAL doppler radar system in the U.S. look like one of the first type of weather radars used.  They could pinpoint where a storm would first develop up to 30 minutes before the first visible signs of a thunderstorm were evident.  At the time of this outbreak, Mike was in Northside (now Tacoma), when Melissa left his office 10 months earlier, he had finally lost his temper and while Michelle stayed in Mason City, he spent whatever free time he had hunting down the remainder of the rats, fufilling his destiny as an Alpha Golden Fox.  Mike managed to decimate all of the remaining rats, except for "The Troublemaker" and some of her family members who managed to escape "Rat" island.  He had received a tip from his cousin that she was in the area because a small group of rats had just stolen an AMF from an Army base.  When Mike encountered the rats, a group of a dozen rats left the AMF, because they thought that 12 rats v. 1 fox (albeit a golden fox) would be a match they could win.  But they severly underestimated his true power and as the group fired over 1,000 rounds at Mike they failed to notice dark storm clouds billowing over them.  Once the rats were out of ammo, they were stunned to notice that EVERY SINGLE ROUND THAT THEY HAD FIRED was flattened as if they had hit a bullet-proof wall.  They were even more shocked that the fox that they were firing at was completely UNINJURED.  That's when the true horror set in for the rats, they were firing on an ALPHA Golden Fox, and a very angry one at that.  "The Troublemaker", who was still inside the AMF, knew she was no match for him and quickly sped away.  Meanwhile, Mike unleashed his true power on the remaining rats by controlling the thunderstorm that he had created while they were firing on him.  Within a matter of seconds, dozens of bolts of lightning struck each rat with pin-point accuracy, while leaving everything around it untouched.  All 12 rats were quickly electrocuted and eventually exploded by the lightning.  Then Mike turned his attention to "The Troublemaker", although she had gotten a 2-mile head start, Mike knew that the AMF had a top speed of only 30 MPH, while he had a top speed of 60 MPH.  He ran after her, quickly gaining ground.  When she saw Mike rapidly gaining on her from about half a mile away, all she could do is abandon the vehicle and hope he didn't find her.  She made a desparate move down a side-street and got out of the AMF as it headed towards a crowded office building.  When Mike caught the AMF, he unsheathed his claws and peeled the metal of the AMF like an orange.  When he saw that she had escaped, he quickly got into the vehicle and slammed on the pressure brakes, stopping the AMF just 6 inches from crashing into the building.  The people in the office building cheered as he had saved them from being killed.  But Mike quickly quieted them down and looked up at the sky.  He noticed that the thunderstorm that he had created had grown into a tornadic supercell, he could smell her scent as the wind blew it towards him.  Mike knew that a tornado was imminent and he instructed all of the people in the office building to get to the  By now, "The Troublemaker" had ran almost a mile from where she had abandoned the AMF into an open field.  She could hear the sirens and "Tempest" Alert sirens blaring, however she had no experience with tornadoes, since "Rat" Island didn't have tornadoes on a regular basis.  But Mike did, and he had complete control of this supercell, since he had made it.  He just thought to himself, "I don't have to chase after her, I'll just bring her to me!" When Mike saw a funnel cloud starting to descend, he raised his arm up towards the sky, closed his fist and dropped it back down, this "dragged" the funnel to the ground...making it an F-5 tornado, right in front of "The Troublemaker". She immediately tried to run away from it, but it was too big, too powerful, and under Mike's control.  The twister scooped her up and flung her a mile in the opposite direction, right into Mike's arms.  After it had done what Mike wanted it to do, the tornado quickly dissapated without harming a single building.  Now there was no escape for "The Troublemaker", Mike was determined to end her reign of terror once and for all.  He immediately pounced on top of her like a real fox would do and quickly snapped her neck like a twig.  Then to make sure she was truly dead, more lightning bolts struck the lifeless corpse until it exploded.  Now that the job had been done, the storm that Mike created slowly dissapated, leaving behind a rainbow that stretched from Northside all the way back to Mason City where Melissa and Abigail were coming out of a storm cellar from an unrelated tornadic storm.  Although the tornado (despite being an F-5) that Mike "created" did no damage, other storms across the island dropped a mind-boggling 300+ tornadoes in about 12 hours** (including 10 more F-5's), killing nearly 1,000 and injuring about 10,000 (but the majority of the fatalities that occured were with one long-lived F-5 tornado that completely leveled several small towns and clipped the city of Cherokee*).
Later that evening, Mike had returned to Mason City and immediately called Melissa, he told her that "The Troublemaker" was dead and all of the rest of the rats were also destroyed...however, he didn't tell her that he was the one who finished them off.  Mike figured that if Melissa knew that he was the one who killed "The Troublemaker" that Melissa would be fawning over him once again.  A few days later, once it was announced that "The Troublemaker" and the rest of the rats were no longer a threat, it was safe for Melissa and Abigail to have their natural honey-colored fur coats restored.
Afterwards, Melissa finished her high school education, graduating one year later, but her story is far from over with.
End of Act 4

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*: The Vulpes equivalent of the National Weather Service
**: By comparison, the "Super Outbreak" in the Ohio Valley and Southeast in 1974 dropped 148 tornadoes (including six F-5's) in about a 20-hour time span.
*: This tornado was on the ground for about 3 hours, traveled nearly 150 miles @ 50 MPH, and was 1 1/2 miles wide.  Plus, keep in mind, that on Mason Island, you have roughly the population of the entire U.S. located in an island the size of North and South Dakota put together.