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The C-Files
Episode 3-2
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ACT 2: Invasion!
(June 2995)

Contains EXTREME violence and some strong language

If you are younger than 18, or are not a big fan of violence, PLEASE click on the "Go Home" button below.

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When Melissa first entered the world in 2979, the islands were at war with a group of rats that were the descendants of those who somehow survived the decimation by the Alpha Golden Foxes several thousand years before.  These rats were led a female rat (who looked more like a mousette) simply known as "The Troublemaker".  Her group did exactly what their descendants did by terrorizing the Vulpine citizens and doing things so bad to humans that if I even HINTED at telling them, y'all would be going like this O.O (or this...@.@)!  During this time, many on Vulpes thought that this would be the long awaited rebirth of the Alpha Golden Fox to finish the job that they had started over 3,000 years ago (and in a way, they were right).  However, Mike and Michelle Mason were only pups and had not developed all of their Alpha characteristics yet*.  In the meantime, the Vulpine army, navy, and air force launched strikes on what was known as "Rat" Island, dropping "Andromeda**" bombs, launching rescue operations to free prisoners, and blowing up heavily armored fortresses.  By 2995, Mother Nature aided the Vulpine forces by sending a "Super" Hurricane* to sink the island.  While most of the other rats were killed in the fighting or executed after capture.  However, a small group of about a dozen rats (including "The Troublemaker" somehow made it to Mason Island without anyone noticing).  When Melissa's parents heard about the invasion, they noticed that "The Troublemaker" looked almost exactly like Melissa.  And although almost all Vulpine species can tell a sweet and harmless mousette from an extremely dangerous rat, her parents didn't take any chances.  They brought Melissa in to a Vulpine army base and had them make sure that their daughter wouldn't be mistaken for the enemy.  The military doctor performed a complete physical (just to make absolutely sure that Melissa was a mousette).  Then when he had finished, Melissa received a certificate of loyalty to present to any military or law enforcement personnel in the future (if necessary) and a holographic "Heart of Gold" stamp on her cheek that clings to fur and is only removable via laser (which would forever ruin the stamp).  Now that Melissa was "safe", she could go about her life normally and not worry about being mistaken for "The Troublemaker".
About a month after Melissa turned 16, she had just gotten her driver's license and summer vacation had just began.  One weekend, Abigail got invited to spend a weekend at her friend's house in Willowbrook.  Although her parents said she could go, neither one of them was able to drive her to Willowbrook at the time.  Being the only other family member with a driver's license, Melissa offered to drop off her little sister at her friend's house.  Their mother agreed to let Melissa take her, but she insisted on her taking the family car rather than the one that was "rusting away" in the driveway.  After Abigail got her things from upstairs and waved goodbye to her brothers and sisters.  Melissa and Abigail left to go to Willowbrook.  Shortly after the two sisters left, while the younger siblings were watching cartoons, there was a loud explosion and screams coming from just a few blocks away.  Shortly thereafter, a special report on the TV announced that there were rats in their neighborhood and that all necessary precautions should be taken.  Vulpines treated rat invasions just as they did tornadoes, Melissa's family had just got a heavily fortified safe room for their basement.  Linda and Nathan tried to get their children into the basement safe room as quickly as possible.  By this time, Melissa and Abigail were safely in Willow county, a good 15 miles from home and were unoblivious to what was happening. Meanwhile, just as the rest of the family had finally reached the basement steps, the rats started to break into the house and come towards the family.  Since she was a vixen and could potentially fight off the rats, Linda told Nathan and their kids to get into the safe room and lock the door.  However, her teenage son (also a fox) wanted to help his mother fight and so did her vixen pup daughters.  But she told them that it was too dangerous for them to fight and to go with their father.  They reluctantly agreed as the two foxes started fighting valiantly to protect the family.  At first, the urge to protect their loved ones gave Linda and her son the upper hand.  Within just a few minutes they had killed most of the initial wave of rats by slashing them to death with their claws or breaking their necks by biting the jugular and literally snapping the spinal cord.  Linda even used her large vixen tail as a club to slam the invaders in the face, breaking their skulls.  However, after a few minutes of fighting, bigger and much stronger rats entered the house and quickly overpowered the two foxes.  Then after being captured, Melissa's brother watched as his mother was unceremoniously beaten to death.  Seeing his mother killed brought a new sense of rage to the young fox and he somehow managed to break free and tried to fight off the rats some more.  But after fighting for several minutes, the young fox had become severely beaten and his left arm was broken.  With all the strength he had left, he ran as fast as he could to the nearest door, realizing he had done all he could for his father, brother and younger sisters downstairs.  One of the rats was going to go chase after him but "The Troublemaker" called him off saying and I quote..."He won't get far, that son of a bitch is as good as dead already".  Unfortunately, she was right, after running for nearly 2 miles into an open field.  The valiant young fox collapsed in the middle of a forest.  After beating the only resistance, the rats went downstairs to the basement and tried to get into the safe room.  But it had been locked and the vixen pups unsheathed their claws, ready to pounce on whoever would dare enter the room.  But the rats wouldn't have to enter, they had brought a keg of blasting powder and plastic explosives into the house and soon blew the entire house to bits.  But by this time, the much more heavily armed and armored Vulpine army had been notified and had begun firing on the rats as they reveled in the horror that they unleashed.  Several more rats were gunned down as they fled the scene, but "The Troublemaker" got away once again.  The commanding officer of the fleet slammed his fist into the side of the AMF** and yelled "Damn, we nearly had that murdering bitch!"
All of this occured while Melissa and Abigail were in the next county safe and sound.  By now Melissa had dropped Abigail off and was on her way home.
When she got within about a mile of her home, Melissa could hear the civil defense sirens sounding the "all-clear" signal.  She looked around and saw the damage that was wrought on the neighborhood and figured that it must've been a tornado that hit (because the forecast had called for a chance of severe weather that night).  But when she got to her block she was horrified to see that the house that she had grown up in was now just a smoking crater.  When the commanding officer of the unit that came in to secure the neighborhood (the same one who slammed his fist into the AMF a while ago), he saw Melissa's "Heart of Gold" stamp and the fused buck-teeth, which let him know that she was a mousette and not who they were looking for.  He asked Melissa for I.D., and while she teared up seeing that her parents and almost all of her siblings were likely dead, she presented him with the Certificate of Loyalty and her driver's license.  The commanding officer then asked Melissa to get out of the car and to come with him to the nearest Vulpine army base, trying to comfort her as best that he could.
End of Act 2

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*: Alpha Golden Fox characteristics electrical charge in order to control lightning, a "fire" sac in their chest to be able to breathe (and control) fire, extreme fertility (being able to reproduce much earlier than normal foxes/vixens), Level 5 CONTROLLED rabies (the most lethal variety), Acidic blood (they're immune to the acidity, most anything else isn't), hypercharged immune systems, and many other characteristics both known and unknown.
**: "Andromeda" Bombs are bombs that explode into a white-hot ball of fire as hot as bolt of lightning (50,000 degrees) that is 20 MILES in diameter.  It vaporizes any living creature in its damage path.
*: "Super" Hurricanes are Category 5 hurricanes with sustained winds far exceeding those of Earth hurricanes, tropical cyclones, typhoons, etc.  In some cases, having SUPERSONIC winds!  These storms are exceptionally rare however.
**: AMF = Armored Mobile Fortress