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ACT 2: "A big surprise"
Part 2 of 2

Several hours later, I woke up to find myself in a hospital bed.  There was a nurse in the room at the time to "check up" on me.  The nurse was human and I figured that I must've been seeing things earlier from getting hit by lightning.  That is, until I asked where I was.  Because, I had first figured that I was at HCMC*, but I didn't recognize any of the buildings I saw from the window in my room.  The nurse told me that I was at Victoria County Medical Center.  I immediately thought..."VICTORIA COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER???...HOW THE HELL CAN I BE AT A PLACE THAT I CREATED IN MY MIND???...I must still be unconscious, I'm dreaming about places that I've created in my mind."  That is, until the nurse stuck me with a needle for a blood test.  That's when I knew for sure.  "HOLY SHIT, THIS IS REAL?!?!?!" I announced in disbelief.  The nurse replied, "Of course this is real, did you think you were dreaming?"  The shock was so much to take that I blacked out again.
Several hours later, I awoke to a sweet aroma and a warm, fluffy hand on my face.  I opened my eyes and saw the same vixen that I saw when I first arrived. She had come to the hospital to make sure that I was fine.  When I had finally woke up enough to get up from the bed, she told me to lay back down, and that I wasn't ready to get up from the bed yet.  I didn't know what she was talking about, I felt fine now.  But, the sweet young vixen was genuinely concerned for me.  Soon, I could feel her warm, fur-covered nuzzle on my cheek as she purred softly.  She explained to me that the doctors were still running a few tests to make sure I was well enough to leave.  I didn't want to stay in that hospital bed, but the vixen wouldn't take "no" for an answer and actually crawled in bed with me.  I was starting to get a bit nervous.  But, with her gentle fur rubbing against my cheek and her two tails wagging slowly, it seemed to me that she just wanted to cuddle.  I asked her if I could give her a hug.  She agreed and I wrapped my arms around her.  When I started hugging her, she responded by licking my cheek with her warm tongue slowly.  About 10 minutes later, one of the doctors came back into the room.  My vixen friend reacted aggressively towards them because she wanted to be alone with me.  I told her that it was OK, because I wanted to know if I could leave.  After convincing her that I wanted to talk to the doctor, she let go of me and got up from the bed.  Shortly thereafter, the doctor told me that I was indeed healthy enough to leave the hospital, and quickly sprang from the bed.  But now, I had nowhere to stay.  But my vixen friend told me that I could stay with her for a while.  I quickly agreed and left the hospital with her.
During the next half-hour, while on the road to her home.  The sweet vixen told me about herself.  It turns out that her name was Tammy and she seemed as lonely as I had been.  Even though she had some female friends, she didn't have any male friends.  And although she was a very attractive vixen, and had many boyfriends in the past.  All of them wanted to yiff her.  Tammy didn't really have a problem with that, but she also wanted to be cuddled.  After she told me about her, I told her about myself.  As soon as I told her that I always wanted to find a cute and cuddly female.  Tammy's ears perked up as we arrived at her home.  She asked me if I really meant what I said.  I told her that I was being serious and that I thought that she was very cuddly.  That's when she hopped into the back seat of the car and started kissing me.  She even offered me an opportunity to sleep with her that night.  I wasn't sure if I was ready for that yet, but Tammy told me that it wasn't for yiff, it was just to cuddle with her.  And after she promised that she wasn't going to make me do something that I wasn't ready for, I agreed to sleep with her that night.  So, shortly after arriving at her home, it was time for bed.  Since I had no change of clothes on me, I wore what I had on to bed, except for the T-shirt.  Once I was in bed, Tammy came into the room wearing her nightgown, which had tiny holes to allow her fur to stick out through them.  She soon climbed into bed and snuggled in close to me.  Tammy's fur felt even warmer and softer than before.  And with the warm, soft fur rubbing against my body and her tongue slowly licking my cheeks, I quickly became drowsy.  I continued to hold her close to me until I fell asleep.  But she wasn't done, Tammy had finally found a male who was interested in more than just yiff.  She continued to lick and nuzzle me while I slept until she began to feel tired and fell asleep on top of me.
The next morning I woke up to the aroma of bacon and pancakes.  Tammy was downstairs in the kitchen making some breakfast.  After not having anything to eat since leaving the Metrodome before coming here, I was very hungry, so I went downstairs to have some breakfast.  But as I went downstairs, I began to notice some other aroma.  I didn't know what it was, but I felt strangely aroused.  When I got to the dining room, Tammy had just finished making breakfast.  And as she came over to me and asked me how many pancakes I wanted, she leaned over and gave me a quick, hot lick with her tongue.  I didn't know what it was all about, but I didn't care, her tongue felt good on my cheek, and I was very hungry.
After breakfast, I wanted to go hop in the bathtub and clean up a bit.  As I walked back upstairs, I thought I heard Tammy giggling.  I didn't know why she was giggling, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to know.  So I decided that it must've been a vixen thing...that is until I got to the bathroom and saw a strange thing in the mirror.  I backed up and noticed that my face had changed, I now looked like a male fox.  Once again, I thought that I was dreaming, until I reached back and yanked hard on my fox tail.  I couldn't believe it, I had somehow turned into a fox, THAT'S why Tammy was giggling.  After she couldn't hear any water running, Tammy thought that I had passed out again and ran upstairs.  But when she got there she saw me trying to figure out how I turned into a fox.  I asked Tammy if she knew what happened, she told me that she didn't know.  But it may have had something to do with her licking me for 2 hours straight the previous night.  I would later find out that in some instances, it is possible for a human to turn into a fox after intimate contact with a fox or vixen.  But that usually occurs after yiffing with the fox, it's very rare for a transformation to occur from casual contact (such as tongue-kissing).  Nevertheless, now that I had become a fox, I had to stay a fox**.  But even if I could go back to being human I wouldn't want to.  In my new form, I had become taller, stronger and faster than I had before.  Plus, all of the health problems that I had since I was young (asthma and allergies) mysteriously disappeared***.  But now that I was a fox, I had new problems. First of all, the clothes that I was wearing no longer fit and I couldn't go get new clothes looking like I did.  Secondly, with Tammy already in the room, I began to feel the intense desire to yiff with her.  Fortunately, she helped me out on both counts by volunteering to go get some clothes that would fit me better.  As soon as she left, the urge to yiff Tammy quickly subsided.
A few hours later, after she returned from Victoria with some new clothes.  Tammy wanted to talk to me in the bedroom about something.  I went upstairs to find her on the bed waiting for me.  Once I sat down beside her, I tried to hold back my new canine urges to listen to what she had to say.  It was easier this time because I had gotten used to the change in the time that she was gone.  Anyway, Tammy told me that she and 11 of her female friends had formed a "pack" of sorts and held meetings in a large house that her parents left for her when she turned 18.  Although the group was consisted of just females, they all had one thing in common.  All the females in the group wanted to find a mate with both human and canine characteristics.  Originally there were 20 females in the group, at the time I arrived, 6 females had found their ideal mates through the group, 1 left the group after find a M Mouse for a mate, and 1 moved to the U.S. after meeting a human male that she met in college.  Tammy added that she could see that I was particularly sweet and loved to cuddle that I would be a perfect candidate for the group to try out.  After the conversation with Tammy, I hopped into the shower real quick to wash up and then Tammy and I left to go to the "clubhouse" to meet the rest of the females in her group.
End of Act 2

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*: Once again...HCMC = Hennepin County Medical Center (as seen on Trauma: Life in the E.R.)
**: Although it is possible to change back after being transformed, it is potentially dangerous to do.
***: All Vulpines are hypo-allergenic (even humans as long as the have at least 1 anthro in their family tree).  Even if a Earth-born human were on Vulpes and were allergic to um...let's say dogs for instance; if the human were to have contact with a Collie or something like that, that person would NOT have an allergic reaction to the collie.